14 School Supplies That Will Make You Wish School Was Starting Sooner

After a relaxing summer vacation, coming back to school can be extraordinarily tough.

The only thing that can really get us fired up for a new year of classes is—you guessed it—school shopping.

This year, hit your courses in style with these 14 school supplies that will make you want to go to class!


1. Sugar Paper Spiral Notebook: $22

This simple spiral notebook is sweet, sophisticated and beyond cute. Taking notes won't feel like a chore if you're using this bad boy.

Sugar Paper spiral notebook

(via Sugar Paper)


2. Glitter Cactus Pencil Case: $22

Be warned: Every time you pull out this cactus pencil case, classmates will "oooh!" and "ahhh!" Why wouldn't they? This pouch was made for people to fawn over it.


(via SkinnyDip)


3. Erin Condren Personalized Planner: $55

Your life will be in complete order with the help of this personalized planner. Forgetting homework assignments will be a thing of the past, and you will have this beauty to thank!

Erin Condren Personalized Planner


(via Erin Condren)


4. Planner Stickers: $19.95

What's a planner without some adorable planner stickers? These colorful stickies will map out important dates and help you highlight fun events in your calendar. Plan on! ????

Planner stickers

(via Etsy)


5. Diamond Paper Clips: $1.70

Paper clips have never been fashion-forward. Until now. Will you just look at these dazzling diamond clips? They'll make any homework assignment sparkle.

Diamond paper clips

(via Etsy)


6. Mokuyobi Flyer Pack Backpack: $95

Okay, this may be the backpack of our dreams. It's vibrant, spacious and has so many features. You'll be the most organized girl in your grade.

Mokuyobi backpack

(via Mokuyobi)


7. Ban.do Sticky Note Set: $12

Sometimes life gets sticky when there's much to do and not enough time to do it. These precious sticky notes will keep you on track and keep you smiling! It's true, you're straight up magic. ✨

Ban.do sticky note set

(via Ban.d0)


8. Motivational Pens: $14.95

When you're feeling stressed about your workload, you'll be so thankful for this set of motivational pens. One look at one of these, and you'll get your groove back.

Paper Source motivational pens

(via Paper Source)


9. Ban.do Peekaboo Folio: $6

Have you ever gone to school and realized you left your homework on the table? Worst. Feeling. Ever. This rosey peekaboo folio will prevent that and keep your important homework documents safe and in tip-top shape. Score!

Ban.do peekaboo folio

(via Ban.d0)


10 Lilly Pulitzer Agenda and Tablet Folio: $58

If you're a tech-savvy girl, then this tablet folio is the perfect school accessory for you. It holds everything from your cellphone and tablet, to your planner and pencils. You'll always have all your essentials right at hand!

Agenda and tablet folio

(via Lilly Pulitzer)


11. Like a Boss Lady Pencil Set: $2

If you have pencils that declare you're a boss lady, you'll act accordingly. Every girl boss out there needs a set of these in their pencil case.

Like a Boss pencils

(via Etsy)


12. Miniature Food Erasers: Price Varies

Mistakes happen. When they do, you'll be prepared with these itty-bitty food-shaped erasers. Cute, huh?

Miniature food erasers

(via Etsy)


13. Mini Highlighter Set: $4.54

Who needs full-sized highlighters when you can have these chubby ones? They stow away in your pocket or pencil case without a problem! And check out the cute designs.

Mini highlighter set from Etsy

(via Etsy)


14. Betsey Johnson Gumball Lunch Tote: $48

You can't go to school without a lunch box, so why not rock this vibrant Betsey Johnson gumball tote? We'd totally make this bag double as a purse. It's too cute not to use it to its full capacity! ????

Betsey Johnson gumball lunch tote

(via Betsey Johnson)


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