The Best Selfie Angles for All Your Social Media Shots

It might sound silly, but taking the perfect selfie can be quite tough.

Sure, it's just a #selfie, so you would think all you really need is yourself. But between lighting, angles, smiling and smizing, a lot of factors come into play for nailing the shot. The most important thing, besides good lighting, is a good angle, because if the angle is bad then all bets are off.

Below we've rounded up the angles that should be in your selfie repertoire:

Slightly to One Side

Most humans have a "good side," and if you don't, then luckily you can pick either side. Turn your face slightly to one side and angle your chin ever so slightly down, exposing your good side to the camera. This angle slims the face, accentuates your jaw line and is great if you want to hide a pimple on the other side.


Laying Down

Gravity does nice things to the face when we lie down, which is why selfies taken while lying down can be quite flattering! Just make sure you have a tight grip on your phone because dropping it on your face mid selfie photo shoot is no fun.


Chin Down

Pulling your chin down in photos can feel strange and counterintuitive. People tend to raise their chin in photos, but this is no good—it will actually make it look like you have a double chin. Lowering the chin does the exact opposite and it also lengthens the face, which is good if you have a more round face shape.


In Front of a Window

Okay, so this isn't technically an angle perse, but lighting can make or break a selfie. Beautiful natural light is the best way to have an A+ picture because it's really flattering on the skin, brightens the eyes and accentuates your hair color!


Straight-on and Elevated

But what if you do want to go for a straight-on shot to show off a cool cat-eye or some wild eyeshadow? Then go for it, but make sure you elevate your arm. It basically does the same thing as dipping your chin down, but it looks a bit more natural and is great for a makeup shot.


Down Low

Yes, you can take selfies from down low and end up with a postable shot. How? Make sure you extend your chin out slightly so you don't get unintentional skin rolls behind your chin! Also hold the phone out as far as possible and even turn it on an angle for drama.

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