Here at Sweety High, we’re constantly trying out new beauty products.

Whether they’re from a big, well-known brand, or from a newly launched one, we love giving them all a chance. March, in particular, was quite the month for skincare. We were sent a ridiculous number of things to try, but we narrowed it down to the ones we like and would actually buy for ourselves. Interested in finding out what our top pics are? Keep scrolling for the best skincare products our beauty editors tried in March!

Mediheal Tea Tree Biome Blemish Cica Pads: $20

If you don’t use a toner, you need to get on it. It’s basically an extra step for cleanser, and it’s one we never skip out on. These blemish pads from Mediheal are total game changers when it comes to the toner game. Not only do they tone your skin, but they also help out your pores. LHA and PHA work together to unclog pores and get rid of dead skin cells, leaving you with cleansed and exfoliated skin. One of our beauty editors used these for a week and swears her skin has never felt smoother. Sign us up!

mediheal tea tree biome blemish cica pad

(via Mediheal)


Stratia Skin Liquid Gold: $27

Liquid Gold from Stratia Skin is, dare we say—liquid gold? We know, pun was definitely intended, but for good reason! Moisturizers are something literally everyone should be using, and if you like more of a lightweight option, this is probably the product for you. Formulated with ingredients like ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids, this powerhouse of a product will not only keep your skin hydrated, but also healthy and clear.

stratia skin liquid gold

(via Stratia Skin)


Re:p Gentle Face Cleaning Remover Pad: $31

If there’s one thing a lot of us who wear makeup can relate to, it’s that taking off said makeup is never a fun process. However, after one of our editors tried out these cleansing pads from Re:p, she says she won’t ever use a Neutrogena face wipe again. These pads are soaked in natural botanical extracts and free of harmful ingredients. Instead of scrubbing at your face, smooth, gentle swipes will get the job done. Prepare to have cleansed skin in no time.

rep face cleaning pads

(via Re:p Beauty)


LaFlore Longevity Barrier Repair Oil: $90

We love a good facial oil, and when one of our editors was introduced to this one from LaFlore, she immediately started using it. It’s said to soothe, brighten and fight off breakouts, and she has confirmed it does just that. Ever since she started using this, her breakouts have all but disappeared. Crafted with amazing ingredients like turmeric (soothes and brightens), arnica (calms and heals) and hibiscus (tightens and evens skin tone), you’ll feel and look better than ever.

laflore barrier repair oil

(via LaFlore)


Higher Education Skincare Cram Session: $33

Did you know that your skin craves vitamins? It’s such an important ingredient to incorporate into your skincare routine, and we think this product from Higher Education Skincare is a great introduction. Cram Session is jam-packed with vitamins A, C and E, which work together to protect the skin. And the best part? This moisturizer is great for any skin type. So, if you have sensitive, acne-prone, oil, combination or normal skin, this is the product for you.

higher education cram session

(via Higher Education Skincare)


ZitSticka Killa Kit—Zit Treatment: $29 

Zits are an unfortunate thing that everyone deals with—yes, even that person you think has perfect skin has seen the occasional zit. If you like tackling the issue before it becomes a huge boulder on your face, ZitSticka needs to be on your radar. If you’re able to catch a zit before it blows up in your face, place one of these bad boys on and watch the magic happen. These stickers essentially self-dissolve into the zit and get to work clearing out the “bad stuff.” Wear it for at least two hours or overnight and we promise you’ll see results.

zitsticka killa kit

(via Zitsticka)


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