The Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Person Who Just Needs a Good Night's Sleep

We all know someone who struggles to get good sleep every night.

It's a tough situation for all of the light sleepers and insomniacs out there, but at least there are all kinds of great products to help—and with the holidays right around the corner, that makes for some thoughtful gifting opportunities. If you'd love to give the gift of Z's this season, keep scrolling for the best gifts that promote faster, deeper sleep—and that look super cute while doing it.

Majenye Lucid Dreams Candle: $32

Sleeping well really begins with setting the mood, and a clean-burning candle with a relaxing scent, like the Majenye Lucid Dreams Candle, is designed for precisely that. The brand's plant-based candles use slow-burning coconut and apricot wax to be better for the user, while the Lucid Dreams Candle has a bright fragrance, balancing citrusy bergamot with soothing lavender and warm sandalwood and amber to be grounding as well as relaxing. We recommend putting away your phone and reading a book by candlelight before bed to get the body and mind ready for sleep.

Majenye Lucid Dreams Candle

(via Majenye)


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Take Care Wellness Pillow Spray Sampler: $40

For those who'd rather get their sleepytime scents in a more convenient form, there are Take Care Wellness's incredible aromatherapeutic pillow sprays. Each of their six scent blends, including our personal favorite, the floral yet earthy Jasmine + Clary Sage, is designed to help settle the mind, making it easier to fall asleep, and it only takes a couple of mists over pillows and linens before bed to get the full effect. This sampler is also fantastic because of its variety, allowing the recipient to discover their new favorite and continue their own restful sleep journey once they've used up what you've gifted them.

Take Care Wellness Pillow Sprays

(via Take Care Wellness)


Nourished The Sleep Tight Stack: $65.99

What the body takes in can also be a big contributor when it comes to sleeping well, and a great supplement can make a major difference. We recommend Nourished and their The Sleep Tight Stack, as it comes in a tasty blackcurrant gummy form while including a blend of vitamins and nutrients specifically chosen to aid sleep at every level—without actually including melatonin. Instead, these vegan gummies include 5-HTP for improved sleep quality, immune-boosting zinc and vitamin D3 for all-over bodily support, plus tart cherry, which increases natural melatonin levels and reduces insomnia's effects, as well as stress-busting ashwagandha.

Nourished The Sleep Tight Stack

(via Nourished)


Juna Nightcap Sleep Gummies: $42

For those who do need a melatonin push for bedtime, we're loving Juna's Nightcap Sleep Gummies, with a more jelly-like consistency and a citrusy berry flavor. They include phtomelatonin, plus tart cherry so the body makes its own melatonin as well, plus soothing chamomile, deep sleep-promoting passionflower, and magnesium to guide sleep-wake cycles in the body.

Juna Nightcap Sleep Gummies

(via Juna)


Celestial Silk White Marble Silk Pillowcase & Eye Mask Gift Set: $52

A great pillowcase is essential to creating a desirable sleep environment, and silk is the ideal pillowcase material because it keeps skin and hair cleaner and more hydrated, in addition to just feeling amazingly soft. Celestial Silk has some fabulous options, and we're in love with this White Marble Silk Pillowcase & Eye Mask Set, which encourages sound sleep while being ridiculously stylish at the same time. The silk of the set helps regulate temperature, while the comfy mask keeps out light to help the body fall asleep faster.

White Marble Silk Pillowcase and Eye Mask Gift Set

(via Celestial Silk)


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Bella Descanso Palazzo Pajama Set: $121

A sound sleep routine is also conducive to better sleep, and we think getting into a comfy pair of PJs should be part of any wind-down. Bella Descanso is all about unforgettable luxe pajamas, and their Palazzo Pajama Set, crafted from premium satin, is as sleek as it is comfy. It features a unique watercolor illustrated pattern, with pipping detail and mother-of-pearl shell buttons, so even if it does take the wearer a while to get to bed, at least they'll look cute in the process.

Bella Descanso

(via Bella Descanso)


Papinelle Sleepwear Modal Kate Nightshirt: $72

For anyone who'd prefer to wear something simple and cozy to bed, there's this Modal Kate Nightshirt from Papinelle Sleepwear.  It's made from nature-friendly TENCEL Modal fibers, which are also dreamily soft, with an elastic waist to create a stunning silhouette. Best of all, it's easy to put on for that comfy-chic look any night of the week.

Papinelle Sleepwear Modal Kate Nightshirt

(Papinelle Sleepwear)


Luvlette Floral Print Lace Trim Satin PJ Set: $22

For super sweet pajama sets that won't break the bank, we find ourselves turning again and again to Luvlette, and this Floral Print Lace Trim Satin PJ Set in calming baby pink is one of the cutest we've seen. With its delicate floral pattern and lace, it's dainty yet sophisticated, and since it's short, it's great for warm nights as well as chilly ones under lots of blankets.

Luvlette Floral Print Lace Trim satin PJ Set

(via Luvlette)


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Saltwater Luxe Long Sleeve Shirt & Short Set: $88

For pajamas in the cutest patterns, check out the bold offerings from Saltwater Luxe. Their sets combine long-sleeved tops and shorts in vibrant flowers and bold splashes of color perfect for the chilly months ahead, and look fabulous whether you purchase a full set or mix and match different patterns. They're also made from 100% rayon, so they're light and breathable, which is precisely what we're looking for out of comfortable and versatile PJs.

Saltwater Luxe Long Sleeve Shirt and Short Set

(via Saltwater Luxe)


Original Sleepy Tie: $29.99

Know someone who loses plenty of sleep worrying about maintaining their dry-styled hair overnight? The Sleepy Tie was developed just for them. This unique scrunchy has an attached satin-covered arch in order to help protect hair during sleep (plus things like workouts, self-care routines, errands and more), so expensive blowouts don't go to waste after a day, and we think that's ingenious.

The Sleepy Tie Original Sleepy Tie

(via The Sleepy Tie)


Manta Sleep Mask: $35

Manta Sleep Masks are designed to be comfier than any other blackout sleep masks out there, and they really get the job done. They're made to be soft and breathable while applying no pressure on the eyes, so the sleeper won't want to rip it off in the middle of the night. We also appreciate that you can throw it in the washing machine and that it comes with premium earplugs to really block out the world to make for great sleep.

Manta Sleep Mask

(Manta Sleepvia)


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QuietOn 3.1 Sleep Earbuds: $289

For some light sleepers, noise can be a massive issue in getting much-needed rest, and everything from traffic or sirens outside to noisy neighbors or snoring relatives can make it difficult to sleep well. QuietOn's 3.1 Sleep Earbuds are a fantastic solution, working not only as physical earplugs but also by eliminating low-frequency ambient sounds by generating an opposite waveform, rather than simply masking them with other sounds. They have comfy foam tips in various sizes so you can hardly feel them, and are small enough to fit in your ears, even when you're laying down. Even better, you don't have to pair them with another device to get started. Just take them out of the case and wear them for up to 28 hours between charges.

QuietOn Sleep Earbuds

(via QuietOn)


Soli Pillow: $99.99

And for those who can't sleep without their favorite sounds, music or meditation playing, there's the innovative new Soli Pillow. This memory foam pillow has built-in soft speakers, allowing users to enjoy hi-fi sound while they rest. Its unusual shape makes it great for back sleepers and side sleepers alike, so whether they're actively listening or just getting ready for bed, it's sure to become their new favorite pillow.

Soli Pillow

(via Soli Pillow)


Patet Goddess Slumber Gift Set: $80

Why give one fabulous sleep gift when you can someone a gorgeously packaged gift set? This lovely little bundle from Patet includes an ivory satin sleep mask and pillowcase, an "It's Always Bedtime" mug and a Hydra Aromatherapy Lavender & Chamomile Pulse Point Balm to create a mini bedtime ritual in a snap.

Patet goddess slumber gift set

(via Patet)


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