These Great-Smelling Spray-on Hand Sanitizers Make Staying Safe Easier Than Ever

Washing your hands is key to staying safe and well, but for all of those times when soap and water aren't immediately available, hand sanitizers are the next best thing.

Over the past few months, we've become very familiar with a number of great sanitizer brands. Most recently, we've become obsessed with compact and portable sanitizer sprays that smell amazing and make us feel like we're staying safe.

Doing a little shopping for spray sanitizer yourself? Keep scrolling to learn more about the options and find out which one might be the best match for you.

Noshinku Bergamot Classic Sanitizer: $10

Everything about Noshinku's elegant packaging screams "high end." This vegan sanitizer comes in a sleek mister about the height and width of a credit card, and its slim width makes it fit easily into any pocket or handbag, so you can keep your hands clean anywhere. It also smells amazing, with a delicate, citrusy floral scent. That fragrance, and this sanitizer's hydrating properties, come from a blend of bergamot, jojoba, argan, rosehip and coconut oils. It's also 70% ethyl alcohol, distilled from organic sugarcane.

Noshinku Bergamot hand sanitizer with model

(via Noshinku)


Previse Hand Santiizer: $6.25

Previse is primarily a skincare line, so when it comes to hand sanitizers, they have skin health as well as killing germs in mind. In addition to containing 75% isopropyl alcohol, this sanitizer includes hydrogen peroxide for extra sterilization, plus glycerin for its moisturizing properties. And because it's unscented and vegan, you know there's nothing extraneous in the solution.

Previse hand sanitizer

(via Previse)


Fizz & Bubble Hand Sanitizer: $7.99 each

Fizz & Bubble may be best known for their luxurious bath products, but their hand sanitizers are also some of our favorites and come in some spectacular scents. While it comes in a fragrance-free formula, they also have Coconut, Watermelon, Orange Citrus, Lavender Fields, Birthcake Cake, Simply Zen and Bubble Gum varieties to enjoy. Plus, in addition to having a 65% ethyl alcohol recipe, they also include coconut oil, aloe vera leaf juice, vitamin E and glycerin to leave skin feeling luxurious and nourished.

Fizz & Bubble Watermelon hand sanitizer

(Fizz & Bubble)


Guru Nanda True Lavender Hand Sanitizer: $35.99 for 12

If you love the smell of pure lavender, this sanitizer by Guru Nanda will win you over in a flash. Scented with lavender essential oil, it packs a floral punch while its coconut oils act as a light moisturizer. Its active ingredient is 7o% isopropyl alcohol, which is said to be less dehydrating than the ethyl alcohol found in many of the other sanitizers on this list.  The small bottle means it's also travel-safe, but be buying in bulk, you and your family will be prepared for a while.

Guru Nana lavender hand sanitizers

(via Guru Nanda)


Fragrant Jewels: $19.95 for three

Fragrant Jewels is best known for their unique bath products that contain collectible jewelry—plus the chance to win a $10,000 ring—but their great-smelling hand sanitizer sprays shouldn't be missed. They come in convenient 2 oz. bottles in Orange & Citrus Peel, French Lavender and Eucalyptus Peppermint scents, and their blend of 75% ethyl and isopropyl alcohol will keep you germ-free.

Fragrant Jewels hand sanitizer trio

(via Fragrant Jewels)


Vegamour Hand Sanitizer Spray: $16

We're suckers for great-smelling hand sanitizers, and this one from Vegamour has a scent that'll keep you spraying all day long. It gets its fabulous fragrance from lavender and orange peel essential oils, and is also highly moisturizing, thanks to aloe vera and marula oils. Plus, its 75% isopropyl formula will destroy germs and bacteria. Best of all, you'll remember to cleanse your hands frequently simply because you want to experience its scent again and again.

Vegamour hand sanitizer

(via Vegamour)


Touchland Power Mist: $12 each

Touchland doesn't skimp on any of the details when it comes to making an amazing hand sanitizer. For one, they come in cute, colorful packaging that's slim and convenient, almost resembling a little cell phone in a case. Secondly, they smell amazing without being overpowering and come in eight delicious scents: Citrus, Mint, Watermelon, Vanilla Cinnamon, Lavender, Forest Berry, Aloe Vera and Neutral, a non-fragranced blend. And since Touchland knows that many hand sanitizers can leave your skin feeling dry, they also have hydrating and softening ingredients to keep your hands silky smooth. Most important, though, their 67% ethyl alcohol composition absorbs fast while killing 99.9% of germs.

Touchland hand sanitizer trio in hand

(via Touchland)


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