All the Tasty Snacks and Drinks You'll Definitely Want at Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl LVI is coming up this Sunday, Feb. 13, and no Super Bowl party is complete with some epic snacks and drinks.

And while you may already have your favorite treats lined up for the big day, you may also be seeing some gaps on the party table. Missing the meaty and savory treats, the sweet and snackable desserts, or something in between? We have some suggestions for you. Keep reading for all of our favorite tasty snacks and drinks you'll definitely want at your Super Bowl party.

Big Shake's Hot Chicken & Fish

For when the big game requires a solution for even bigger appetites, you can't go wrong with Big Shake's Hot Chicken & Fish. The first Big Shake's opened in Franklin, Tennessee, but you don't have to travel all the way to the South to experience real Southern cooking. Big Shake's ships nationwide on Goldbelly. Just toss your frozen fried chicken, Nashville hot tenders or any other order in the oven for a fresh, hot meal that'll satisfy any fan on game day.


Blackbird Pizzas

While your order from your local pizza place will keep most of your party happy, plant-based eaters have fewer options. That's why we're obsessed with Blackbird Pizzas and their vegan yet delicious pizza options. Both their pepperoni and supreme pizzas are tasty enough to keep even the most ardent meat-lovers happy.


Brazi Bites

Nothing's better for Super Bowl festivities than bite-sized, poppable treats, and Brazi Bites has some of the best of the best offerings in that category. They make Brazilian cheese bread, pizza bites and empanadas that are delicious and easy to heat, without any mess. Lay these out on the party table and they're sure to be one of the first foods that get snatched up.


Bubbies Ice Cream

Ice cream can be a tough (and sometimes very messy) food for gatherings, but Bubbies mochi ice cream makes it so easy. Having individual mochis and with each dessert wrapped in its own rice dough exterior, there's no need to share. They also have classic flavors, such as strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, and more exotic ones like passion fruit and mango, so you'll want to go back to try them all.


Calypso Lemonade

Calypso Lemonade makes the most flavorful lemonades around, making them perfect for washing down all of your favorite Super Bowl snacks. We're especially obsessed with the Ocean Blueberry flavor—and if you're concerned about sugar, the brand now offers sugar-free options in addition to all of the classics.

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Christie's Chips

If you're going to have chips laid out for the Super Bowl, why not have the best chips on offer? This may sound like an exaggeration, but Christie's makes our favorite chips at the moment, and no one else comes close. Their potato chips are plant-based while still having the tastiest, purest flavors and are made with only the best ingredients—and somehow, the way they package their chips means there are barely any broken chips in the bag!


Country Archer Provisions

If your Super Bowl spread is lacking meaty snacks, Country Archer Provisions will have you fully covered. From beef and pork sticks to turkey jerky, zero-sugar beef jerky and even plant-based jerky made from mushrooms, they have a little something for everybody. Plus, it'all delicious and comes in all kinds of satisfying flavors.


DRY Botanical Bubbly

Looking for a more sophisticated beverage to sip while you snack? DRY Botanical Bubbly sodas come in lavender, vanilla, ginger, Rainier cherry and cucumber flavors to offer something delicate yet celebratory. We love serving them in fancy glasses with garnish for even more fun.

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Mikey's Buffalo Chicken Pizza Pockets

Is it really the Super Bowl if buffalo wings aren't included in some way? In our opinion, the easiest way to enjoy that classic flavor is with Mikey's Buffalo Chicken Pizza Pockets, which are gluten- and lactose-free and made with vegan mozzarella. Just microwave and enjoy.

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Dips are a Super Bowl staple, and in our humble opinion, there's no better cracker for dipping than Moonshot. These crisp crackers, coming in Sourdough Sea Salt, Tomato Basil and Rosemary Garlic flavors, taste amazing on their own or in your favorite tasty dip. Once you start eating them, it's tough to stop—but lucky for you, they're good for you and made sustainably. You can even click HERE to find out where Moonshot is stocked near you.


OMG! Pretzels

Pretzels are another must-have for any football party, and OMG! Pretzels makes the most flavorful pretzel bites around. They're crisp and absolutely coated in seasoning so each mouthful packs the same punch. Plus, the brand offers both salty and sweet varieties for every kind of pretzel-lover out there.


If you can't get enough of discovering great new foods, click HERE for even more of our favorite tasty treats getting us through the new year.