Best Song Ever Contests With One Direction!

One Direction's next single "Best Song Ever" will be available to the world starting July 22. The boys are counting down to the big day by featuring a new Best Song Ever contest every Monday until the release!

Best Song Ever Contests

The first contest gave users a chance to create cover art for "Best Song Ever." Directioners everywhere got creative and used their favorite art tools and computers to create awesome potential album covers! 

The results haven't yet been announced, but we're already looking forward to the next contest! We wonder what the prize for the contest will be!

We'll be sure to report on the next contests so you'll know about them as soon as they are announced!

The last contest only gave users 24 hours to enter, so when you see the next one be sure to complete the task quickly so you'll be able to compete! Stay tuned for more info on 1D!!!