All the Best Songs to Post on Your Instagram Story Selfies

What's a great Instagram story without the perfect music to back it up?

Sure, a hot track isn't a requirement for that sizzling selfie—but it can definitely help it get the attention it deserves. And of course, you can't just slap any old song on top of your selfie and call it a day. The track should match your aesthetic, your current vibe or just be a banger. If you're not sure where to start, we have some great tracks that set the right mood every time.

Harry Styles – 'As It Was'

Harry Styles' "As It Was" may be a brand new track, but it'just the thing for setting a nostalgic and slightly melancholic feel to your latest Insta story. Whether you're pining over someone or thinking about the past, it'll definitely set the vibe.


Isabel LaRose – 'i'm yours'

We're not sure we've ever heard a song that captures both the fluttering butterflies and the anxious doubt that can surround a new crush as Isabel LaRose's "i'm yours." If you've just fallen hard for someone, and it's all you can think about, it just might be your new anthem—and perfect for your next selfie.


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Lizzo – 'About Damn Time'

If you're ready to put away a tough week (or month, or year) behind you and just focus on how amazing you are, there's no better song to showcase it than Lizzo's "About Damn Time." There aren't a lot of songs out there about feeling stressed and sexy all at once, and we have a feeling many of you will relate.


Denitia – 'All the Sweet Tea'

If your latest selfie has a country flair to it, we think "All the Sweet Tea" by rising artist Denitia might be the perfect fit for it. It's a sweet track about embracing your true self and living in the beauty of the moment, with a carefree feel that'll bring your selfie to life.


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Lyn Lapid – 'The Outsider'

We think there can be a certain strength in not pretending everything's fine when it isn't, and that's what we adore about Lyn Lapid's gorgeous single, "The Outsider." It's a track about feeling excluded and slowly drifting apart from the people you were once closest to, with an anthemic sound that makes it even more poignant.


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Jack Harlow – 'First Class'

Is there a more perfect track than Jack Harlow's latest release, "First Class," for showing off a little? You don't actually have to be flying first class to relate to the track's "glamorous" lyrics. If you're looking amazing, don't hesitate to flaunt what you got!


Olivia Penalva – 'You Love It'

Sometimes, it's hard to see our own true beauty—and it takes a lot of gassing up from the people who truly see us to be brave enough to post that selfie. Olivia Penalva's "You Love It" is a song about learning to love yourself with the help of someone who loves you, and if your selfie goes out to someone special, it might be exactly the song for your pic.


GAYLE – 'luv starved'

In one of those situations where you're not sure if someone is giving you attention for the right reasons? GAYLE's "luv starved" puts all of your feelings into words, so you don't have to figure it out. It can be hard to recognize what's good for you when it comes to a potential relationship, but it's easy to fall in love with this roaring track.


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Madisyn Gifford – 'Hospital Beds'

Ever feel so desperate for someone that you'd do something ridiculous to get their attention? That's exactly the story behind Madisyn Gifford's "Hospital Beds," a vibey pop track about willing to do anything to get the object of your affection to notice you. The opening line, "I  kind of want to crash my car so I can call you up," sums it up perfectly.


Labrinth – 'Forever'

Whether you're showing off a look straight out of Euphoria or are looking for a backing track that's less about the words and more about the vibes, Labrinth's "Forever" is a go-to track at the moment. With its ethereal vocalizations and pounding beat, it'll give you exactly the main character energy you've been searching for.


Baby Queen – 'Nobody Really Cares'

Ready to stop caring about what anybody else thinks or feels about you? Baby Queen's "Nobody Really Cares," is a powerful ode to being true to yourself, regardless of what society believes, and if you're finally becoming the person you'd be if nobody was watching, this song will be the perfect accompaniment to your least self-conscious selfie yet.


Quinton Griggs – 'Crazy Devotion'

Sometimes, we love so hard that it can be destructive, and that experience is captured beautifully in Quinton Griggs' "Crazy Devotion." Whether you're broken over unrequited love, are dealing with toxicity or are just giving way too much of yourself in a relationship, this song gets you—and it makes for an awesome soundtrack to your stories, too.


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twenty one pilots – 'Tear in My Heart'

Is there anything better than the shouted second verse of twenty one pilots' "Tear in My Heart"? We've all been in a place where every song seems to be about the person we can't stop thinking about, and if you're in a similar boat, you'll definitely want to make use of this track.


Beyoncé – 'Break My Soul'

If you just took a steamy selfie that shows off your unbreakable spirit, Beyoncé's "Break My Soul" just might be the song to give it that extra spice. It's a danceable anthem for strength, courage and a indomitable soul, and we just can't get enough.


LØLØ – 'debbie downer' ft. Maggie Lindemann

We can't get enough of this unexpected pop-punk anthem about going against the grain. "debbie downer" by LØLØ and featuring Maggie Lindemann is a bright and uptempo song about being happy not to fit in. This one goes out to all the misfits out there.


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Taylor Swift – 'Anti-Hero'

If you've never related to any lyric more than, "It's me. Hi. I'm the problem, it's me," then we can imagine Taylor Swift's new deprecating pop track "Anti-Hero" has become somewhat of an anthem for you. We think it's time to own it, just like Taylor, and pair the song with your next selfie.


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BTS – 'Butter'

If you're feeling smooth like butter, there's really no song that will capture that bliss like BTS's track of the same name. The track will instantly lift you into a good mood, and amp you up to share your most fabulous selfies yet.



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