These Spring Candles Are Livening Up Our Living Space Amid Quarantine

With nothing to do these days but stay inside, now's the perfect time to spice up your living space.

Whether you decide to feng shui your room, swap out pillows or simply organize, it's a nice change of pace! And new scenery means you'll need a new scent. If you're anything like us, you have a candle burning all hours of the day. Since we're in quarantine, we've been going through them like crazy.

Keep scrolling for the spring candles that are livening up our living space amid coronavirus:

1. Fontana Candle Co. Patchouli Cedarwood Essential Oil: $12.99

If you're into unisex scents, you'll absolutely fall in love with Fontana Candle Co.'s Patchouli Cedarwood candle. This woody, musky and downright masculine candle burns lightly, making it the perfect addition to your candle arsenal!


(via Fontana Candle Co.)


2. Boyfriend Candle: $29

We're obsessing over the Boyfriend candle! It's great for lighting at night, because the mixture of jasmine, amber and vanilla notes make up for one intense and intoxicating scent.


(via Boyfriend Perfume)


3. PaddyWax Lolli—Ocean Rose + Bay: $22

If you don't live on the coast or simply can't make it to the beach, bring it home with you! The Lolli collection by PaddyWax has an Ocean Rose + Bay smell, which transports us all the way to the sea.


(via PaddyWax)


4. WoodWick Hemp & Ivy: $26.50

Upon first lighting this WoodWick candle, you'll get notes of sage flower and ivy, aka, pure yumminess. Once the candle burns for a while, it gives off a cedar, hemp-like scent—we're in love!


(via WoodWick)


5. Remix By Giselle Wasfie Magic Love Candle: $35

If you're into crystal-healing, you need to check out the Remix candles. The love candle enhances the user's intentions of attracting love to the surface, all while burning jasmine essential oil and a lepidolite crystal.


(via Remix)


Maison Francis Kurkdjian Rue des Groseilliers Scented Candle: $85

Perfect for your next bath, Maison Francis Kurkdjian's ultra-luxe and alluring Rue des Groseilliers aroma will transform your tub to a spa with just the light of a wick. The scent is packed with notes of juicy berries, including blackcurrant and strawberry—which are inspired by a summer vegetable garden near The Rue des Groseilliers, the street where the candle designer grew up about 12 miles from Paris.


Paddywax Persona Wisteria + Willow Soy Wax Candle: $26

Candles aren't often classified as cute, but this lil guy is a total exception. We love the warm welcome we get every time we see this decor piece in our living room, but it's not all form without function! The hat strikes matches and holds incense, while the aromatic candle itself smells of feminine, light delight, packed with notes of fresh air, citrus, jasmine petals, hanging wisteria and bamboo water.

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Paddywax Lolli Cactus Flower + Matcha Soy Wax Candle: $22

Gardenia has been one of our fave springtime scents for literal decades (I mean, have you been to Bath & Body works?!). This perfectly packaged Paddywax candle packs in our beloved aroma with other revered notes, including white peony, matcha tea and apple blossom.

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