The Best New K-Pop Songs to Stream This Spring

So far this spring, the number of K-pop releases that blew our minds was off the charts. Week after week, the releases got better and better, showcasing the genre's versatility and evolution of certain idols.

BLACKPINK's Jisoo made her solo debut with a fitting spring song titled "Flower," Kai gave us the bop of the century with "Rover" and NCT debuted a new subunit, among other fantastic feats. It seems the onslaught of songs we'll be streaming won't be slowing down anytime soon, but for now, you can listen to our suggestions for the best new spring K-pop songs to stream so far. We're sure they'll be stuck in your head in no time, just in time for the summer.

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'Rover' by KAI

Talk about a track we've kept on repeat. KAI has had great success as a solo performer separate from his work in EXO and SuperM, but he outdid himself with "Rover." The Latin-esque song is beyond catchy and impossible not to dance to. At random times of the day, we'll find ourselves singing, "Call me rover, rover, rover. I'm coming over," and we're not ashamed.



Speaking of catchy, JISOO made her solo debut with a bang by releasing "FLOWER." Starting off strong with the lyrics "ABC, do, re, mi," Jisoo knew exactly what she was doing. Her vocals are stable, strong and sexy throughout the whole track, and the beat during the chorus is almost hypnotizing. Plus, JISOO's viral dance to go along with it is just perfect.


'Drowning' by BOBBY

BOBBY is one of the most versatile rappers in the K-pop industry, and with his latest solo release, "Drowning," he continued to show this off, switching between his rap and singing tone effortlessly. The feature of SOLE in the song is the icing on the cake, which complements Bobby's well-honed ad-libs.


'Love Me Like This' by NMIXX

NMIXX brought absolute fire to this already hot spring lineup of songs. "Love Me Like This," is a combination of modern and '90s-inspired sounds that instantly had us falling in love. The vocal tone of the group makes the song even more enjoyable, and once again, its catchy chorus has us wanting to dance.


'Groovy' by CRAVITY

CRAVITY continued the trend of bringing the heat this summer with their latest song, "Groovy." Much like its name, the song is, in fact, super groovy. It's upbeat with the best balance of soft vocals and rapid-fire raps that flow so well. Its vibes are different than the previous songs we've recommended so far for spring, and that's what makes us love it even more.


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'O (Circle)' by ONEW

"O (Circle)" by SHINee's ONEW is another song that defies expectations. Its slower R&B beat might not put us in a dancing mood, but we appreciate how vocally talented ONEW is and how heavily this song showcases his abilities. He does incredible runs, switches tones like the vocal king he is and hits notes we couldn't even imagine attempting.


'Super' by SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN is one group incapable of releasing a bad title track. "Super" is excellent for so many reasons, but one of our favorite parts of the song is the "I love my team, I love my crew" part that shows how fast the group can switch between English and their native tongue. The outro goes hard as well, and throughout the song, the energy continues to pick up.


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'Perfume' by NCT DOJAEJUNG

Watch out for NCT's newest subunit, because they're here to stay. With unmatched chemistry and harmonization fit for heaven's gates, the trio of Jaehyun, Doyoung and Jungwoo is a great match. On "Perfume," three of NCT's best vocalists make one of NCT's best songs ever. Thank goodness they released a full mini-album and not just the single, because we definitely wanted more after hearing this.


'Golden Hour' by MARK

Speaking of NCT members, MARK released his second solo track after "Child," with "Golden Hour," and he absolutely nailed it. The rapper, singer, dancer and writer made the song personal while also making it fun and upbeat. It has underlying rock vibes while also clearly being a rap-influenced track. MARK truly can do it all.


'Shoong!' by TAEYANG Ft. LISA

Speaking of idols who can do it all, add TAEYANG and LISA to the list. In a collab that we would never have guessed in a million years, BIG BANG's TAEYANG and BLACKPINK's LISA served an R&B track that is sure to live rent-free in our minds for months to come. TAEYANG's vocals are impressive, intentional and strong, and when LISA comes in with her sensual voice, it takes the song to another level.


'' by IVE

IVE may be one of the newer groups out there, but they've already made an impact on us. For us, "Kitsch" is a song where switching beats works in its favor. IVE knows how to handle multiple styles, and the fast-paced switch in the song is great for them. It feels like switching from riding with your parents everywhere to finally having your own license. You can feel the difference and the rush, and it just feels right.


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'Super Chic' by P1Harmony x New Hope Club

P1Harmony released a collaboration with English trio New Hope Club that is full of sultry smooth vocals from start to finish. The rap toward the end of the song is flawlessly placed, adding an extra layer of allure to the song. It gives a  new meaning to the collab we didn't know we needed.


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