7 Jobs That'll Help You Earn Some Extra Cash This Summer

Are your parents pressuring you to get a job or do you want to make a little extra cash this summer?

We've rounded up seven jobs that will bring you the money you seek with very minimal effort all while appeasing your parents' request. You're welcome.

Scroll below to find the gig for you!

Camp Counselor

If you want to be active and make the most of your summer, a camp counselor is the perfect job for you. You'll be taking care of some crazy kids, ensuring they have fun times while they're away from home. Get ready to roast s'mores, take long hikes and swim in the nearby lake.

The great thing about being a camp counselor is that you don't have to be available all summer long. Most summer camps only run for a month or even a week. You'll probably have to do extensive planning gearing up to the camp, but your fellow counselors will be there to help you out.

Kids smiling around a campfire with their camp counselor watching over them

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Want to spend every waking moment of your summer vacay at the beach? A lifeguard is just the job for you.

You'll definitely need to attend a handful of training courses, but all that hard work will definitely pay off when you get that paycheck… or save someone's life. Whatever comes first!

Heads up: Being a lifeguard at your local pool is way less stressful than being one at the beach.

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If you absolutely adore kids and spending endless amounts of hours with them, then taking a gig as a babysitter is right up your alley. Kids can be quite a handful, so if you're up for this, more power to you.

Some people pay big bucks for a sitter, especially when they're in a last-minute bind. And you get to set your rate, so you're in charge of how much you earn for how many hours your work. It doesn't get better than that.

Babysitter baking cookies with a young girl

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Dog Walker

Are you a serious animal-lover? Why not take a job as a dog walker? You'll get to spend time with some adorable fluffy creatures, which is way better than wasting it on annoying humans.

Again, this is a job where you get to decide how much your services are worth. Just be sure to charge a reasonable amount, or no one will want to hire you.

Girl walking four dogs

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Movie Theater Employee

This isn't the most fun job on the list, but you make decent cash. The best part though is that you get free movie tickets to any film you want to see. Yes, you read that right—any movie. That means 3D and IMAX movies are on the table, too.

Pro tip: Try to get a job in the box office, because it's generally easier than working in concessions or on the floor. You'll deal with plenty of angry customers though, but you'll easily learn how to keep a level-head in those situations.

Movie theater employee giving ticket to moviegoer

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This is probably one of the least enjoyable jobs on this list, but you can make a great deal of cheddar with the fat tips you'll be getting.

It's pretty demanding, so you have to be up to work fairly often and you won't have a set schedule. You won't have too much spare time to hang with friends, sorry. But if you really want the cash, you can do it.

Waitress taking someone's order

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Want a job that's a little bit more flexible and allows you to work from home? Then look no further than being a transcriptionist.

Basically all you have to do is listen to audio files you're given and write down what you hear, then send that transcript back to whoever requested it. It's as easy as pie.

There are plenty of sites you can visit to see if there are any openings, or you can always ask your parents if someone at their work is looking to hire a transcriptionist.

Transcriptionist at work

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