The Best Sundresses for Teens Looking for a Fresh Summer Look

Summer is upon us, and that means one thing (other than hot weather and the return of The Bachelorette, we mean): sundress season.

Sundresses are without question one of our favorite wardrobe staples, especially during the warmer months when you can't possibly think about putting on clothing that might stick to you like glue. These summer-friendly styles are perfect for just about any occasion, from a family barbecue to a date night and everything in between.

But with so many different types of sundresses for teens to choose from, where do you even begin? We can help. Check out our list of the best sundresses for teens below and get ready for a fully refreshed look for the hottest season of the year.

Best Patterned Sundresses for Teens

Whether you're a floral fanatic or more of a geometric goddess, there's a pattern to suit virtually any teen's style preferences when it comes to sundresses. Here are a few of our favorite options:

(via Abercrombie & Fitch)


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Best Long-Length Sundresses for Teens

Whether you need to keep a little more covered for class or simply don't want to deal with a shorter skirt when the summer breeze comes through, here are some excellent options for longer-length and maxi sundresses for teens:

(via SHEIN)


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Best Date-Friendly Sundresses for Teens

Whether you and your date are headed to your favorite restaurant in town after catching a new summer flick in theaters, having a picnic in the park, going stargazing in the evening air or simply grabbing coffee and the trendy new spot in your city, these are our recommendations for the best date-friendly sundresses for teens and young adults:

(via Hollister)


Now that you have a few ideas in mind, it's time to figure out which sundresses are best for you and the events you have in mind. No matter which you find, though, you'll love the easy, breezy and downright comfortable appeal that these dresses provide, and what could be a better dress option for teens than that?

But of course, sundresses don'have to just be for summer. Click HERE for some of our top tips on how to make your summer wardrobe last through the fall.