Sunscreens for the Face That We're Loving at the Moment

The most important beauty rule everyone should follow is wearing sunscreen on your face every day.

Even if you don't plan on being out too much, it's so vital to protect your skin from harsh rays of light. By covering your face, you're avoiding sunburns, sun spots, premature wrinkling and more.

Are you on the hunt for a great facial sunscreen? Keep reading to learn all about the absolute best sunscreens for your face:

C'est Moi Sunshine Mineral Sunscreen Face Stick SPF 50: $10

Made with a blend of coco butter, super fruit antioxidants and zinc oxide, this will do wonders for your skin. Differing from cream or liquid, this product comes in stick form, which is great for those who dread applying skincare. We're loving the stick trend, as it pretty much guarantees no white streaks!

face sunscreen

(via C'est Moi)


Kopari Sundaze Mineral Face Sunscreen SPF 30: $34

One thing we're always looking for in a face sunscreen is comfort. A lot of the products offered out there seem to be working just fine, but once you start sweating or get your face wet, it leads to stinging and burning in your eyes. With this product from Kopari, however, that is all avoided. This non-greasy formula contains hyaluronic acid and plant-based antioxidants.

face sunscreen

(via Kopari)


Crunchi Sunlight Facial Sunscreen SPF 30: $48

Finding a non-toxic sunscreen that actually works is hard to come by, so when we were first introduced to Crunchi, we were so pleased! Their product is free of toxic chemicals found in a lot of sunscreens, but is still able to keep your skin safe from the sun. With ingredients like zinc oxide, açai and aloe vera, your face will be well-protected.

face sunscreen

(via Crunchi)


Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Face Sunscreen SPF 50: $13.06

Our favorite drugstore find when it comes to face sunscreens has to be Aveeno's protect and hydrate. Not only does it protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun, but it keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated throughout the day. Made with the antioxidant oat, this product is bound to keep your skin silky smooth all day long.

face sunscreen

(via Amazon)


Sun Bum Mineral Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 30: $17.99

Since we all need a bit of help sometimes when it comes to covering up blemishes, this mineral sunscreen from Sun Bum is the perfect product. Not only does it protect your skin from the sun, but the formulation itself is tinted. It's sheer, meaning it looks great on all skin tones and won't leave you with a streaky residue.

face sunscreen

(via Sun Bum)


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