The Perfect Gifts for The Legend of Zelda Fan in Your Life

The Legend of Zelda is one of the oldest and most beloved video game franchises of all time, so chances are that if you know some gamers, you also know an avid Zelda fan or two.

And if you happen to be looking for a gift for the fan in your life, their favorite game can definitely point you in the right direction—but which gifts will they actually love? We took all of the guesswork out of buying with this collection of the greatest Zelda-themed pieces around.

Hylian Shield Coaster: $5

Help your favorite Zelda fans prevent coffee table water rings with this awesome-looking Hylian Shield Coaster from PhantomLabProduction on Etsy. Made from plastic, these coasters are available in white, black and orange, flawlessly adapting the iconic look of Link's most famous shield.

Hylian Shield Coaster

(via PhantomLabProduction/Etsy)


3D Triforce Lamp: $13.99

In The Legend of Zelda games, the Triforce symbolizes the union of power, wisdom and courage, and the three bearers of these strengths, who work to keep the world in balance. This cute 3D lamp may not bear the same significance, but we do love the way it turns the classic item into a practical desk light that glows to light the way.

3D Triforce Lamp

(via Impericon)


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Triforce Tree Topper: $19.99

And for the fan who happens to be obsessed with the holidays, a Triforce light is also available in the form of this tree topper. Who needs a star or an angel atop the tree when you've got all of the magic of the Triforce?

Triforce Tree Topper

(via Nintendo)


Makar Stuffed Plush Toy: $19.99

Zelda's adorable forest creatures, Koroks, were first introduced in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and Makar had to be the most lovable of the bunch. With his rounded body and the slightly perturbed pattern on his leaf face, he was endearingly sweet, and now he's also huggable thanks to this cute stuffed plush.

Makar Stuffed Plush Toy

(via Orbsify)


Korok Potted Plant Decoration: $61.51

But for fans who didn't fall in love with Koroks until Breath of the Wild, there's this playful Korok Potted Plant Decoration from OutsetEmporium on Etsy. This one is styled after Tasho, with a long wire that sticks in the soil of any pop to have him float above with help from spinning leaves. Yahaha—you've found him!

Korok Potted Plant Decoration

(via OutsetEmporium/Etsy)


Lost Woods Scented Candle: $20

The Lost Woods is a staple in many Zelda titles, complete with lots of fog, spooky music and branching paths that will send you back to the start if you make the wrong decision. While we don't actually recommend losing your way in a dense, dark forest, we can vouch for this Lost Woods Scented Candle from Menel27 on Etsy, with a cool grassy scent blending aloe, bamboo, moss, amber and more to set the perfect mood, without the danger.

Menel27 Lost Woods candle

(via Menel27/Etsy)


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Fleece Link Cap: $18

Know someone who wishes they were Link? Bring them one step closer to their dream with a fleece cap just like his. They're available in classic green for Link's Kokiri tunic, as well as red for the Goron tunic and blue for the Zora tunic, in addition to coming in dozens of other colors to suit literally any vibe.

Fleece Link Cap

(via LostSafari/Etsy)


12-Hole Plastic Zelda Ocarina: $30

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Link can play different tunes to summon storms, make scarecrows dance or even travel back and forth in time. This 12-hole ocarina from STL Ocarina can't do all that, but it does come with a Zelda songbook, allowing fans to learn their favorite classic songs and play them back.

12-Hole Plastic Zelda Ocarina

(via STL Ocarina)


Hey, Listen! Navi Pom Beanie: $19.99

Ocarina of Time also introduced us to Navi, the sometimes helpful and often annoying fairy who loves to give advice, whether you want it or not. Her catchphrase, "Hey, Listen!," is famous enough to be featured on this cute pom beanie, which also has images of Navi and the Triforce—and will keep heads extra toasty in the winter.

Hey Listen! Navi Pom Beanie

(via Kryptonite Character Store)


Majora's Mask Ugly Christmas Sweater: $54

For even more plush vibes this holiday season, with a sinister twist, gift this ugly Christmas sweater featuring imagery from Majora's Mask, a game that's as weird and terrifying as it is completely classic. It's stitched with the image of the game's titular evil mask, as well as the Deku Scrub and even the spooky-faced moon, which is falling closer and closer to Termina each hour, threatening to wipe out all life on the planet.

Majoras Mask Ugly Christmas Sweater

(via Anime Ape)


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Hori D-Pad Controller (L) Zelda Edition: $19.99

People who are serious about gaming also tend to be exacting when it comes to how they play, and if you know anyone who laments that their left Joy-Con controller for their Nintendo Switch lacks a D-pad, this unique controller from Hori is here to save the day. Not only does it have a stylish Zelda-inspired design, but it slides onto the left side of a Nintendo Switch to provide a real D-pad experience a classic Joy-Con just doesn't offer.

Hori D-Pad Controller (L) Zelda Edition

(via Hori USA)


Princess Zelda Plush: $12.99

The first Zelda game came out nearly 37 years ago, and the titular princess has been seen in so many iterations during that time that she's become just as famous and beloved as the games' hero, Link. If you know someone who simply adores Zelda, they'll love this plush recreating her look from The Wind Waker—which, if you ask us, is her cutest yet.

Princess Zelda Plush

(via Nintendo)


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