The 10 Best Things About Summer Vacation, Ranked

There's so much to love about summer.

The ability to lounge around the house all day, no set schedule and an endless amount of time to spend with your friends—what could be better?

Summer might be the best season ever, but some summertime perks definitely outweigh others. Keep scrolling to see the 10 best things about summer, ranked.

 10. Longer Days

While winter is usually shrouded in gloom, summer is all about that sunlight. Instead of feeling your way through the darkness at 5 p.m., you can spend the majority of your day soaking in the sun rays and working on your tan. While we do love the longer days of summer, it comes in 10th on our list simply because there are so many other things that we love more.

9. Summer Fashion

There's no better feeling than putting your bulky winter sweaters in storage and breaking out your favorite shorts and tanks. Summer fashion is just so easy—you can toss on your favorite fabric shorts and a crop top and you're good to go! However, keeping up with summer trends from year to year can get a bit pricey, pushing summer fashion to No. 9 on our list.


8. Back to School Shopping

The words "back to school" may make you cringe, but this late-summer shopping season provides us with the perfect excuse to do a major refresh of our wardrobe. Combing the stores for the best deals, finding the perfect outfit for your first day and searching for cute supplies that will guarantee a successful academic year is always exciting—even if it's a reminder that school is just around the corner.

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7. All Things Swimsuit Related

Whether you're heading to the beach every day, enjoying a dip in your pool or simply working on your tan, breaking out your swimsuit is one of the best ways to take advantage of summer weather. Although it might not always be the most comfortable of outfits, nothing beats the feeling of slipping into your favorite bikini and enjoying the summer sun.


6. Warm Weather

Speaking of swimsuits, we definitely wouldn't be able to wear them without the warm summer weather. After layering and bundling up in our winter coats for months, the warmer temperatures that come with the changing of the seasons is always a welcome adjustment. Depending on where you live, things might get a little too toasty sometimes, but we wouldn't trade the luxurious heat of summer for anything.


5. No School

If there's one thing everyone can love about summer, it's the fact that there's no school. You don't have to set your alarm clock, make time for homework or deal with any of your annoying peers. In theory, no school is the best thing about summer, but we have to be honest—the lack of a set schedule can get a bit boring after a while. Not that we don't appreciate the school-free environment, but a little structure isn't always a bad thing.

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4. Vacations

Considering the rest of the year is filled with school-focused activities, summer is the best time to take awesome vacations. Whether you're flying across the globe or just taking a short road trip, vacations allow you to shake up your day-to-day routine and experience something new and exciting. If your family isn't big on vacations, however, watching everyone jet-setting around the globe can make you feel a little left out of the action.


3. Free Time

Along with no school, summer also provides you with all kinds of free time to do whatever you want. You can hang with your friends any time, work on learning a new language, fill your days with reading or binge-watch your favorite TV shows. Without a set schedule, the sky's the limit, which is part of the reason why we love summer so much.

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2. Summer Movies

As every avid movie-goer knows, summer is the best time for new releases. Almost every week there's a fresh must-see film hitting theaters. As people who desperately love the entire experience of seeing a movie, summer blockbusters are easily one of our favorite things.


1. Sleeping In

We're all about simple pleasures, so our all-time favorite thing about summer is the ability to sleep in. There's no need to be rudely awakened by the annoying chirp of an alarm clock and no reason to rush your getting-ready routine in the morning. Plus, the ability to sleep as late as you want also means that you can stay up all hours of the night—so yes, Netflix, we will continue watching.

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