A Definitive Ranking of Trader Joe's Dips

Trader Joe's is every snack lover's playground with so many great chips, frozen dishes, sweets and, most importantly, dips.

There are over 20 dips that Trader Joe's offers, ranging from salty to sweet, tangy or spicy. You're bound to find at least one that you'll love. With that said, it can be a bit overwhelming to know which spread you should buy. Below, we offer a definitive ranking of 12 of Trader Joe's dips we've tried.

12. Chocolate Hummus

Chocolate hummus is one of the most polarizing dips at Trader Joe's, and chances are you also have a strong opinion on it. Ironically enough, we were indifferent to it. It's a strange but not necessarily off-putting taste to have the rich, sweet chocolate flavor mixed with the nutty flavor of hummus. There's just something about it that kept us reaching for more.


11. Garlic Spread

After testing this dip, there was instantly a zesty taste in our mouths. We checked the Trader Joe's website, and apparently, it has lemon in it! We don't gravitate to strong garlic flavors and the addition of lemon tones down the garlic. It has a really robust flavor that's savory and salty, but like most garlic products, you're going to taste this for the rest of the day.

garlic spread dip

(via Trader Joe's)


10. Vegan Tzatziki Dip

Before this taste test, we'd never tried tzatziki. It's hard to describe—it reminded us a lot of the garlic spread but fresher. Tzatziki has cucumbers in it, so that makes this dip taste like a lighter version of the garlic dip. Not bad!


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9. Everything and the Elote Dip

Everyone seems to love this dip, so our expectations were high. Of course, it has a vibrant, cheesy corn flavor and a creamy texture. Apparently, there's supposed to be chipotle seasoning in it. If the chipotle were more powerful, this would rank higher on our list.

elote dip

(via Trader Joe's)


8. Mediterranean Style Hummus

Out of all the savory hummus dips that we tried, the Mediterranean Style Hummus is the most anticlimactic. Basically, it tasted like beans and tahini. We generally enjoy hummus, so we liked this dip, but there are other hummus dips that are a lot more interesting.

mediterranean hummus

(via Trader Joe's)


7. Everything but the Bagel Dip

The Everything but the Bagel dip does taste like an everything bagel. However, the fact that it has a greek yogurt base holds it back. It makes the bagel flavor too smooth, and cream cheese would lead us to genuinely believe we were eating a bagel. That said, the seasoning is everything, pun intended.


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6. Pimento Cheese Dip

The Trader Joe's Pimento Cheese Dip has all the qualities of any other pimento cheese spread, and that's what makes it so good. As usual, pimento cheese is like the spicy sister of American cheese, and this dip from Trader Joe's has enough spice to add extra flavor without burning your taste buds off.

pimento cheese

(via Trader Joe's)


5. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Who doesn't love buffalo chicken? The Buffalo Chicken Dip is one of the most classic flavors offered at Trader Joe's, and it lives up to the chatter. It's spicy but not too spicy, and it's nice served cold or hot, but the chicken could use more seasoning.

buffalo chicken

(via Trader Joe's)


4. Dill Pickle Hummus

Pickles and hummus are pretty much two of our favorite foods, and the Dill Pickle Hummus is exactly what you'd expect. The hummus' texture is smooth, and the pickle flavor gives it a delightful sour edge. The only thing that could be better about this dip is a splash more dill pickle seasoning. Unfortunately, it's a seasonal item, but we're counting down the days until it hits the shelves again.


3. Zhoug Sauce

The Zhoug Sauce is one of the most flavorful dips we tried from Trader Joe's. We're huge lovers of cilantro and pesto sauce, so this dip was right up our alley. It has all the savory elements of pesto, but there's an extra kick with the spicy jalapeño flavor.

zhoug sauce

(via Trader Joe's)


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2. Bruschetta Sauce

This Bruschetta Sauce is amazing, and we say that as people who hate chopped tomatoes. However, the tomatoes are so soft that it was easily consumable, and the garlic and basic flavor balanced it out. We tried the Bruschetta Sauce on bread, but we can already tell this would be great on pasta and many other dishes.

bruschetta sauce

(via Trader Joe's)


1. Sweet Cannoli Dip

The Trader Joe's Sweet Cannoli Dip is another seasonal dip, and this is a dip we crave all year long. It's light, fluffy and just the right amount of sweet. It pairs well with graham crackers, and out of curiosity, we tried it on a potato chip, and it was just as good.


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