5 Best Unisex Scents for When You Don't Mind Smelling Like Your Boyfriend

Gone are the days of overly feminine fragrances. Today's gender-neutral scents are fresh, crisp and will make you feel like you can command any room. And an added bonus? You can share them with your S.O., if it makes you feel even closer to them.

There's power and memory tied to aroma, so make your mark with one of the five best unisex scents for when you don't mind smelling like your boyfriend!

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DedCool Fragrance 05 Spring: $80

If you're looking for a unisex scent, DedCool has you covered. The line was specifically developed to work for everyone and has the most delicious smelling vegan, non-toxic scents. One of our picks for that borrowed-from-the-boys aroma is Fragrance 05 "Spring" with notes of Bergamot, Cedar, Patchouli, and Oak Moss.


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Abbott NYC Telluride: $75 

Nothing says guy smells quite like the great outdoors. Abbott NYC's Telluride scent is described as a "rich, peppery, unisex scent" inspired by the mountains of Colorado. It's so good, your BF will definitely steal it.

Abbott NYC

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PHLUR Sandara Eau de Parfum: $96

Le Labo Santal lovers, listen up–this PHLUR Sandara Parfum is for you, without the crazy expensive price tag. Extra points because it's also non-toxic and filled with good-for-you ingredients. This gender neutral fragrance is best described as a long walk through the forest, and it's so calming and meditative that you can't not love it.


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Ode Paris Love Potion 3 Eau de Parfum: $85

For a citrus fragrance that'll fill your senses with orange, Turkish rose, amber and jasmine, try Ode Paris' Love Potion 3 scent. Their modern and empowering new fragrance collection is for both guys and girls, and has a nice balance of sweet and strong.


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Ellis Brooklyn Fawn: $100

This clean beauty fragrance is best described as a breeze of citrus on sun-kissed skin with a hint of coconut. What's even better, is that this scent was inspired by teen coming-of-age novels to evoke feelings of innocence and romance.

Ellis Brooklyn

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