When you’re feeling the first waves of hunger hitting throughout the day but aren’t yet ready for your next meal, snacks are there to save you from reaching the stage of hangry that no one wants to see.

But when you’re someone who follows a plant-based diet, your options can be less than extensive in the snack department—or so you thought. There are tons of vegan-friendly snacks out there that are actually worth craving, and we’ve put together a list of our favorite ideas so that you don’t have to spend so much time searching through your cabinets next time you’re ready to sink your teeth into a satisfying snack.

Healthy Puffs Made From Chickpeas: $25

You don’t have to say goodbye to the crunch factor and flavor of your go-to childhood snacks just because you abide by a plant-based diet, as brand like Hippeas are here to fill the gap for vegans and omnivores alike. With plenty of puffs that put other brands to shame with their fun flavor options to tortilla chip renditions, veggie straws and more, Hippeas has all your quick snack idea needs covered.

Hippeas Chickpea Puffs

(via Hippeas)


Nutrition Bars That Cover All the Essentials: $40

Protein? Check. Made from real, whole foods? Double check. Delicious? Without a doubt. Lyfe Fuel has crafted some incredible plant-based products designed for optimal all-around wellness, including their nutrient dense Essentials Bars that are packed with beneficial ingredients and tons of flavor (without any of the bad stuff, of course).

LYFE Fuel Daily Essentials Nutrition Bar

(via LYFE Fuel)



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Chocolate That’s More Than Just Chocolate: $7+

Looking for something that satisfies your sweet tooth without causing a sugar crash? Look no further than the incredibly indulgent yet remarkably nourishing low-sugar dark chocolate SuperBarks from Kuli Kuli (makers of some additionally super and equally as tasty SuperGummies as well, $25+). These products truly keep things simple and sweet while packing an extra health-friendly punch thanks to ingredients like chia seeds, moringa and even quinoa.

Kuli Kuli Foods Superbark

(via Kuli Kuli Foods)


Game-Changing Caffeinated Energy Bars: $28.95

No need to spend seven dollars on an over-sweetened latte every time you need your caffeine fix, as Verb Energy has created a snack that will satisfy your energy needs (not to mention your taste buds) across the board. With delicious and creative flavors like Vanilla Latte, S’mores, Hot Fudge Sundae, Red Velvet and even Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (to name just a few), these bars pack tons of flavor and a cup of espresso’s worth of caffeine in a petite, 110-calorie package.

Verb Energy Caffeinated Energy Bars

(via Verb Energy)


These Dried Fruit Snacks That Keep it Real: $20+

It’s easy to think you’re doing your body some good when you snack on something like dried fruit, when usually, you’re pushing your sugar levels over the top with all the added ingredients that hide beneath the surface. However, RIND is here to change that with their innovative, peel-on fruit snacks that cut down on waste (and sugar) without doing the same for flavor.

RIND Snacks

(via RIND Snacks)


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Rice Cake Creations: $4+

For a snack idea that takes a little more creativity (but is well worth the extra effort), try rice cakes. With a base made of simple ingredients like brown rice and salt, these crispy crunch-worthy snacks are essentially a canvas for your creative culinary side to run wild. Our favorite ideas include slathering on some hummus or going sweet with peanut butter and bananas layered on top. The beauty of this vegan-friendly snack is that you can switch it up depending on your craving at the time, so you’ll never run out of new ways to keep your snacking exciting.

Lundberg Family Brown Rice Crackers

(via Thrive Market)


Nacho Average Nachos

Another DIY snack option that’s great for vegans craving something salty is a not-so-classic plate of nachos. All you need to do to whip this one up is add your chips of choice to a plate, throw on some vegan queso (like this one available at Target for $6), add your salsa and additional toppings of choice and pop them in the microwave for a few seconds to get it all melded together before diving in.

Good Foods Plant Based Spicy Queso Blanco Style Dip

(via Target)


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