Vitamin C Products You NEED to Add to Your Skincare Routine

If you want to prevent your skin from aging too fast, now is the time to take action.

The more aware you are of your skincare routine, even from a young age, the better the results will be. So, what's something everyone—teens, young adults and older—can all use? Vitamin C!

When it comes to skincare, vitamin C has been proven to aid with collagen production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, protect against the sun, hydrate and more. It's a powerhouse ingredient we at Sweety High can't get enough of.

Not sure what products to trust? Keep scrolling for our favorite Vitamin C products that we think you should add to your skincare routine!

DOCTOR BABOR LIFTING RX Comfort Vitamin C Serum: $69

When we think of luxe skincare, BABOR is one of the brands that comes to mind. This serum, in particular, is practically magic in a bottle. The serum itself was specifically formulated for sensitive skin, so if that sounds like you, this might be your best bet! We love the way the serum glides onto the skin, due in large part to the vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and omega-3 fatty acids. Together, the ingredients work to give your skin a plump, stimulated and bright appearance.

doctor babor Comfort Vitamin C Serum

(via Babor)


Pixi Beauty Vitamin C Sheet Mask: $10

Is it just us, or do face masks completely fix any and every problem? We love throwing on a sheet mask at the end of a stressful day. It's soothing, relaxing and leaves you both looking and feeling fab. This vitamin C-infused sheet mask from Pixi Beauty is one of our go-tos of the moment. Caffeine, vitamin C and ferulic acid all help the skin to brighten, hydrate, de-puff and firm. We recommend throwing this in the fridge before use—you won't regret it!

pixi beauty vitamin c sheet masks

(via Pixi Beauty)


StriVectin Super-C SPF 30 Vitamin C Moisturizer: $69

Did you know that both vitamin C and SPF help protect against the sun? Did you also know that when the two are combined you get even more coverage and protection? That's why we're big fans of this SPF from StriVectin! This moisturizer and SPF hybrid make your morning skincare routine quicker and easier. Who doesn't want that? Plus, your skin won't be left with a white sheen. Rather, you'll be looking brighter, firmer and more moisturized.

strivectin Super-C SPF 30 Vitamin C Moisturizer

(via StriVectin)


Allies of Skin 35% Vitamin C+ Perfecting Serum: $118

We love a good face serum and are rather picky when it comes to adding a new one into our routines. When we tried this one from Allies of Skin, though, we knew it was one to stay! Since we try out so many beauty products, sometimes we only use them a few times then move onto the next thing. This serum, however, is a total game-changer and one we've been using consistently. You'll be left with plump, hydrated and glowing skin.

allies of skin 35% VITAMIN C+ PERFECTING SERUM, 30ML

(via Allies of Skin)


Elevé Cosmetics Vitamin Sea Mineral Antioxidant SPF 28: $49

If you aren't using SPF in your morning skincare routine, you are causing your youthful skin some major harm. If you don't like having a million products to put on in the mornings, we love the idea of finding one with multiple benefits, like this SPF from Elevé Cosmetics. This not only will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, but it also acts as a moisturizer. Crafted with shea butter, turmeric and vitamins C and E, say hello to healthy and glowing skin.


(via Elevé Cosmetics)


DEZI Skin's Claro Que C Serum: $64

If you don't know how to even out the tone of your skin, let us introduce you to DEZI Skin. Their serum will do absolute wonders for not only your complexion but your elasticity and ability to absorb products, too! Crafted with powerhouse ingredients like THD, vitamin C, green plum and DEZI youth juice, expect to see your dark spots disappear, your skin tone even out and your overall appearance to look perfectly moisturized and hydrated.

dezi skin CLARO QUE C - Vitamin C Glow Serum

(via DEZI Skin)


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