The Best Workouts You Can Do Without a Gym

You don't need a gym membership or expensive equipment to get in a good sweat session.

Try any of the eight workouts below that can be done at home or outside and require minimal or no equipment to burn serious calories without burning a hole in your wallet.

1. Hike or Walk with a Friend

Instead of meeting friends for coffee or a trip to the mall, turn your hangout sesh into a workout by going for a walk around your neighborhood or a hike in a local park. Or if you still want your caffeine fix, try getting in some extra steps by walking to and from your favorite coffee shop instead of driving there.

Morning Walk

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2. Follow Along With a YouTube Workout

There are tons of amazing workout videos you can do at home for free. Tone It Up posts lots of quick workouts conveniently separated by category (HIIT, booty, abs, arms, etc.) that require little to no equipment. Most only require a mat and a set of dumbbells, but you can substitute soup cans or any other weighted household object if you don't have weights at home.

Another great resource is Blogilates, which shares highly effective mat Pilates workouts done to top 40 music. No matter what type of workout you are looking for, you are sure to be able to find a great tutorial on YouTube.


3. Go for a Swim

Any body of water can turn into a great setting for a workout, whether it's a community pool, a lake or a beach. If room allows for it, try swimming some laps to really get your heart rate up. If space is limited or the water is not safe for swimming laps, try treading water for timed intervals.


4. Turn Stairs into a StairMaster

Who needs a StairMaster when you have actual stairs? Climbing up and down stairs is not only great for cardio, but also tones your booty.


5. Break Out Your Old Jump Rope

Many elite athletes train using a jump rope to burn calories and tone the legs, butt, shoulders and arms. It's also a great workout for when you're short on time—you can burn 10 calories each minute that you jump rope, which means you can burn 100 calories in only 10 minutes.


6. Try a Ubarre

If you're looking for a single piece of equipment that can aid in a variety of workouts, invest in a Ubarre ($150 at Neiman Marcus), which is just as pretty as it is functional. The U-shaped device comes in a variety of weights and colors, and can be used to give an added challenge to your at-home sculpting sessions.



7. Go for a Bike Ride

Workouts are always more fun when they're outdoors, and riding a bike is a great way to enjoy the sunshine while also getting fit. Not only is bike-riding good cardio, it also tones your legs, thighs and calves.


8. Have a Dance Party

There's no equipment needed for this workout. Turn on your favorite playlist and just let loose. Aerobic dancing can torch nearly 400 calories in just an hour.


Not only will your DIY workouts save you money, but they'll also help you avoid THESE annoying things that happen when you work out at the gym.