8 Nutella Recipes You Can't Resist on World Nutella Day

This isn't just a national holiday, it's a world holiday.

Rightfully so, because everyone deserves Nutella in their lives, amirite?!

Let us all come together and celebrate in solidarity by whipping up any one of these mouthwatering recipes filled with the chocolatey, hazelnut deliciousness.

1. Baked Nutella Donuts

We truly believe that donuts are just meant for us. Throwing Nutella in there just confirms our beliefs. See the recipe for these beauties HERE.

baked nutella doughnuts

(via Cooking Classy)


2. Nutella Espresso Rolls

Embrace the coffee addict within and try THESE mouthwatering rolls. The Nutella filling is also exactly the missing ingredient in plain old cinnamon rolls.

nutella espresso rolls

(via Pastry Affair)


3. Nutella Swirl Waffles

Nothing amps up your breakfast like Nutella. The idea of adding it to your waffles is so simple, yet genius, that it's amazing no one ever thought of THIS recipe before.

nutella swirl waffles

(via A Beautiful Mess)


4. Nutella Pretzel Brownies

Say it with me, sweet and salty, FTW. There are plenty of delicious combos of this flavor variety, but THIS recipe includes Nutella. That obviously makes it number one on our list.

nutella pretzel brownies

(via Bakingdom)


5. Nutella Strawberry Tarts

Heart-shaped, yummy and adorable, THESE tarts have the perfect filling of strawberries and Nutella. It really doesn't get any better than that.

nutella strawberry tarts

(via Moje Wypieki)


6. Nutella-Swirled Banana Bread

Banana bread will never be the same now that someone brilliant added Nutella to it. You can create the banana bread you've always dreamed of using THIS recipe.

nutella swirled banana bread

(via Pastry Affair)


7. Coffee Nutella Macarons

Now you can have the deliciousness of bakery-quality macarons at home and they include Nutella.

coffee nutella macarons

(via Design. Bake. Run.)


8. Nutella-Swirled Vanilla Ice Cream

Eat ice cream for dessert or breakfast, we won't judge. As long as you're adding Nutella to it with THIS recipe, you're doing it right.

vanilla-swirled nutella ice cream

(via The Food Charlatan)


In the off-chance you've had enough Nutella, peep THESE sweet and savory pie recipes.