These Young Dancers Will Give You A Run For Your Money

11-year-old Taylor Hatala has taken over the dance world. Her videos prove age isn't what it takes to master seriously tough choreography! A video of Taylor dancing to a "Shake It Off" remix is just one of her clips that instantly went viral. Of course, she's not the only young dancer we're obsessed with right now. Which of these is your favorite?

6-year old B-Girl Terra stars in Jungle's music video for "Platoon."

10-year-old Adilyn Malcolm shows off her dubstep moves.

Check out 4-year-old Heaven's adorable dance to Beyoncé with her mom, Tianne.

10-year-old Kassidy Chism's hip hop style blows the audience away.

2-year-old Zaya Sun Crossley has a future as a choreographer.

12-year-old Charlize Glass channels her inner Beyoncé grooving to "Yoncé."

Everyone said that Fifth Harmony should recruit 12-year-olds Mia and Carly after they saw this routine to "Bo$$."

12 Maddie Ziegler, 11 Brynn Rumfallo and 12 Jaycee Wilkins stunned the entire crowd during their Dancing With the Stars appearance.

10-year-old Bailey Sok's rendition of "L.A. Love" is unbelievable. 

And, in case you can't get enough of Taylor Hatala, here she is with her little sister Reese, in a nail salon dance-off.

Any amazing vids we missed? Which was your fav? Let us know in the comments, and share your own dance videos with us at