Bethany Mota's Girl Power Tag!

Not only is Bethany Mota gracing the cover of the October 2014 issue of Seventeen Magazine, but the vlogger and beauty guru also recorded a Seventeen Girl Power Tag video!Bethany Mota Girl Power Tag

The video goes behind the scenes of Bethany's cover shoot and gives Bethany the chance to sit down and discuss why girl power is so important to her!

As Bethany shows off several adorable outfits, she also answers questions about girl power, dishing out advice on how girls can reach their full potential, including embracing the things that make you different. After all, they're what make you YOU!

She also discusses the important of powerful female role models and how they can help girls cope with bullying, and shares an example of a powerful woman in her own life!

Bethany Mota has also been demonstrating some major girl power on season 19 of Dancing With the Stars. If you haven't seen her amazing jive dance from last week, watch here!

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