Bethany Mota Talks Inspiring Girls at Girltopia!

Bethany Mota is a beauty and fashion guru perhaps better known by her YouTube moniker, Macbarbie07. We got a chance to chat with Bethany at Girltopia, where she spoke about girl power, bullying, and more to inspire thousands of Girl Scouts!Bethany Mota

"It's a very, very powerful event," Bethany said. "Girls go through so many different situations and sometimes it's very easy for us to feel like we're alone and like no one is going through the same things."

She added that many girls go through bullying and issues with their self confidence, but that they should always remember that they are not alone.

"I've been through those issues so many times, and I still go through them to this day," Bethany said. "Girltopia is an event that really reminds people that we all go through those things, and we can go through them together."

Bethany said that soon as she was invited to join Girltopia as a part of BYOU Magazine's celebrity panels, she knew she had to become a part of it.

"I'm so honored to be a part of this event," she said. "I do my YouTube videos about beauty and fashion, but at the end of the day it's about girls and helping them with self confidence, and letting them know that they're not alone. This event stands for a lot of what I believe in."

She was also inspired by the awesome positivity prevalent throughout the Girltopia event.

"Everyone is so happy, and loud and awesome," she said. "I think it's just a very positive, happy event and everyone's just getting along great and i think that's what's making it very powerful."

Bethany also told us about her personal experiences of dealing with bullies. On her very successful channel on YouTube, Bethany encounters a lot of mean comments on her videos.

"I started my channel when I was 13 and I had never dealt with online bullying before," she said.

When Bethany got her first very negative comment on her channel, she was shocked.

"I let it get to me a little bit because I didn't know how to react," she said. "With time, I realized that those people are behind a computer screen. If they were right in front of my face, more than likely they wouldn't say those things."

Bethany said that the people behind mean comments might just be having a bad day, and are looking to make someone else feel bad to feel better about themselves.

"The biggest thing is not to take any of it personally," Bethany said. "Sometimes you'll get 20 positive comments and 1 negative, and you just focus on that negative, but you can't do that. You need to focus on the positive."

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