Bethany Mota Meet & Greet For Aéropostale Spring Collection Launch!

Bethany Mota isn't just a YouTube idol. Her work designing clothing for Aéropostale made her the most-Googled designer of all of 2014, and her spring collection is nearly here!bethany mota spring collection aeropostale

Bethany Mota's latest Aéropostale collection launches on Saturday, January 10 in stores. Beginning Sunday, January 11, you'll also be able to purchase the collection online here!

On the day of the launch, Bethany will also be taking part in a meet and greet at Stoneridge Mall's Aéropostale store in Pleasanton, California from 11am to 1pm!

We can't get enough of this season's looks!

Bethany pairs a comfy grey tee with a skirt lined with tiny black and white checkers. We hope this sunhat, with pink and lime green embellishments, is part of the collection, because it is beyond adorable!bethany mota aeropostale checkered skirt spring collection

Bethany's black pleated skirt is the perfect match for her unapologetic graphic tee! The thinly striped red and white shirt reads "still not sorry" and we love it!bethany mota still not sorry stripes tee and skirt aeropostale spring

This sheer top with white lace over the shoulders draws inspiration from The Beatles with the slogan "All You Need Is Love." The sentiment is reflected further in these black leggings covered in white scrawled hearts!bethany mota all you need is love top aeropostale spring collection

Please tell us we can get this flower crown! The bold colors provide a perfect contrast to the sophisticated pink of this funky dress. Best of all, the cut out in the back is shaped like a heart!bethany mota flower crown and pink top aeropostale spring collection

Last but not least, we adore this floral dress on Bethany. The pink pattern makes the look perfect for spring, while the black keeps it refined. And those wedges actually look really comfy!bethany mota pink florals on sophisticated black dress aeropostale spring collection

Best of all, Bethany's spring line is totally affordable, with prices in the range of $8 to $38! Do you plan to buy? Comment below with your thoughts and join our Motavator fan club at Sweety High!