Betsey Johnson's New Makeup Collection Is All About Standing Out on a Budget

You don't wear Betsey Johnson because you're interested in blending in.

The brand goes bold with its designs, whether that's with a colorful snakeskin-and-roses handbag or a cool Chelsea boot in sequined plaid. One thing the brand has yet to really carve a space for, however, is makeup that offers equal amounts of pop—until now, that is.

While Betsey Johnson has dabbled in cosmetics before (you can purchase a few items, such as matte lipsticks and highlighters, on the brand's website) the company's collection with Walmart is very exciting for fans. The collection is called Luv Betsey, and each item in this Walmart collaboration costs just $9.98, making it an affordable makeup option.

Will the Luv Betsey collection be as beloved as the fashion brand's apparel? The brand generously provided me with key products so I could test them out myself and let you know.

The Products

Of the products I tested, I received the brand's highlighter kit, the four-piece lipstick set, the lip gloss creams trio, and the 12 -shade eyeshadow palette. I also received the brush set, which comes with a blush brush, a highlighter brush and two smaller brushes for eyeshadow.

Luv Betsey Johnson makeup collection for Walmart.

(via Betsey Johnson)

Right off the bat, I was obsessed with the collection's packaging—specifically the palettes, which featured some of the brighter patterns Betsey Johnson is best known for. This is definitely makeup you will want to leave out on the bathroom counter—it'that cute.

Of course, it's what's on the inside that counts when it comes to makeup, so here's what I thought of all the products I tried.

Luv Betsey Johnson makeup collection for Walmart.

(via Betsey Johnson)


The Lipsticks

I haven't worn much lipstick since the coronavirus pandemic hit (it's a little annoying having to clean lipstick off your mask, you know?) but Betsey Johnson's cream lipstick was a nice reminder of why I wore it in the first place.

The texture of the lipsticks was smooth and creamy, and I was surprised to find that after an hour of sipping on a Diet Coke, the lipstick hadn't migrated that much.

I was particularly impressed by the bold red shade "Punk." I have fair skin, and I've found that the wrong shade of red can look a little, well, clownish. Not so with this Luv Betsey shade: It was just bold enough. A deep pink, "Vintage," was also flattering. The other two shades, a brown-pink shade called "Fierce" and a nude pink called "Rock On" were more subtle than their names would suggest, but offered a pretty pop of color. At less than $10 for four lipsticks, it's hard to get a better price for solid color options.


The Lipgloss

I haven't regularly worn lipgloss since my middle school days, when I collected Lancôme Juicy Tubes. Back then, we were all just trying not to get our hair stuck in the ultra-sticky gloss. Betsey Johnson's new lipgloss line is, I am happy to report, not a danger to your hair. Described as a cream gloss, the shades pack major color and look almost vinyl-esque on your lips.

The red shade is, appropriately, called "Babe," and it's definitely the boldest of all the lip options. "Flirt" is a Barbie pink in the tube, but I found that when I applied the color, it was way more wearable than I assumed. The nude gloss "Champagne" was a bit too light for my skin, but I could see it being a great subtle option for someone with the right complexion.

Unlike the lipsticks, the lipgloss creams are not quite as food-and-drink friendly. While blotting the top coat helped, this is definitely the kind of lip product you'll want to keep handy for touch-ups. Luckily, these are beauties you'll want to throw in your makeup bag, if only because their star design is so adorable.


The Palettes

When I first learned of the Betsey Johnson cosmetics line, I assumed the eyeshadow palette would feature bold colors I didn't dare wear on just any typical night. I'm pleased to report that, while there are shades that stay true to the iconic Betsey brand, the eyeshadow palette also features colors you can make as glam or natural as you like. The shadows include plenty of warm neutrals with just the right amount of shimmer.

While there's nothing too wild here, the palette also includes some bolder colors, such as a midnight blue, shimmery black, hot pink and forest green.

Luv Betsey Johnson makeup collection for Walmart.

(via Betsey Johnson)

As for the highlighter palette, this might be the unsung hero of the collection. At first glance, there's little that seems particularly special about the trio of powders, which range from light to dark. However, all it takes is a brush (I used the angled highlighter brush from the collection) to reveal the just-reflective-enough nature of the products.

While I tend to prefer a cream highlighter to a powder one, the texture isn't cakey. They can also double as eyeshadow—you know, just in case 12 shadows weren't enough for you!

Luv Betsey Johnson makeup collection for Walmart.

(via Betsey Johnson)


Bottom Line

With beautiful packaging, a whoa-low price point, and colors that range from subtle to crazy glam, Luv Betsey is well worth trying out for yourself. You can shop the collection at right now.


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