6 Reasons It's Actually Better to Be Single on Valentine's Day

If you're single, you're probably not the biggest fan of Valentine's Day.

You don't have to be bitter or mopey, but it's just an unfortunate fact that it's a holiday focused on relationships. If you don't have someone to celebrate with, there isn't much of a point—is there?

While Valentine's Day might seem like a bit of a downer for the singles out there, we happen to think it's much more convenient to spend Valentine's Day alone. Keep scrolling to see why.

There's No Pressure

Celebrating Valentine's Day when you're in a relationship means there'a lot of pressure on your evening. Not only are you stressed about getting your S.O. the perfect gift, you're also concerned about what they have planned for the day. Being in a relationship on Valentine's Day means you're trying to create a night to remember, all while attempting to manage your own expectations of the evening. But you know who doesn't have to worry about any of that? Single people.

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You Don't Have to Buy a Gift

Buying a gift for your partner on Valentine's Day has to be the worst part of the holiday. What are you supposed to get someone who celebrates your love, especially if you don't even know what that means yet? Single people, however, don't have to worry about the Valentine's Day gift. Not only can you save your hard-earned money, you also don't have to spend hours scouring the Internet for a present that's affectionate, impressive and useful, all at the same time.


You Don't Have to Share Your Chocolate

In theory it's cool to have someone to buy you chocolate on Valentine's Day, until you realize that you probably have to share all your delicious treats with them. When you're single, however, you can go buy yourself half-priced chocolate on Feb. 15 and eat the entire box alone. You can even buy two or three—who cares? Nobody's going to be monitoring your chocolate intake.

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You Can Do Something Fun

Controversial opinion—most of the "classic" Valentine's Day plans are just plain boring. A nice dinner at an overcrowded restaurant, followed by an overly decadent dessert and snuggling on the couch? Blech. You know what sounds more fun that that? A party with all your closest friends, a movie night with your BFFs—heck, even digging into a tub of ice cream alone sounds more enjoyable than an overpriced meal that requires you to dress up. Being single on Valentine's Day allows you to do what you want to celebrate the holiday, instead of forcing you to plan a romantic night out with a partner. And odds are your solitary plans will be much more fun that a stuffy, overpriced meal.


There's No Chance Things Will Go Wrong

Everyone has heard horror stories of dramatic Valentine's Day breakups or couples who get in massive fights on the holiday of love. Relationships are a risky business, which means there are plenty of opportunities for Valentine's Day to go terribly wrong for those who are coupled-up. For the singles, however, your day can be as perfect as you want it to be. You won't be faced with disappointment, there's no S.O. for you to get upset with and you definitely won't be dumped on the most romantic day of the year. It's not much, but it definitely provides us with some comfort to know that being single has its own set of perks.

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You're in Charge

Most importantly, being single on Valentine's Day means that you are the only one in charge of your plans. You can watch whatever movie you want, you can cry all night, you can eat 12 bags of chocolate—it doesn't matter. You don't need to check in with anyone, and you certainly don't need to tailor your plans to the needs of another person. It might feel sad to be alone, but it's actually pretty liberating to know that you can celebrate (or not celebrate) however you lil' heart desires.


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