13 Hilarious Tweets About the Arrival of the Beyoncé and JAY-Z's Twins

Like the rest of the world, we've been doing a lot of celebrating.

We got the pop-culture shock of a lifetime this weekend with news that Beyoncé and hubby JAY-Z's royal family got a little bit bigger.

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In celebration of the new Carter twins, laugh over this list of the funniest Tweets so far about the arrival of the babies. Scroll below for the roller coaster of emotions we've all been feeling since their announcement:

The Anticipation

Who hasn't been living in a constant state of anticipation since Beyonce announced her pregnancy?


The Amazing Race

Seriously though, this would probably be my last delivery ever. Quit while you're ahead, you know?


The Visiting Hour

The Beehive is family, let us through.


The Star Struck Twins



Sorry, North…?

While we don't know for sure when the little ones were born, there's great speculation that their birth was on the same day as North West's. Either way, close enough!


The Blue Blue Ivy

Well it was a nice ride while it lasted, Blue.


The Big Sister Struggle

We all know what kind of big sis Blue is going to be.


The Emotional 'Gram

Tears. Streaming.


The Literal Gemini Twins

Honestly can Bey be any more poetic?


The Gemini Addition Problem

Makes sense… kinda?


The Queen's Confirmation

But really we all know it isn't real until Bey confirms.


The New Job Opening

You know where to find me.


The Joke's On Us

This is the visual album all over again.

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