10 Celebratory Captions for All Your Insta Pics on Your BFF's Birthday

Your best friend's birthday is almost as important as your own.

If you're a true BFF, you obviously have to post the perfect Insta to celebrate, complete with the perfect caption.

Never fear—we have you covered. Keep scrolling for 10 celebratory captions for all your Instagram pics on your BFF's birthday.

For a photo of everyone rightfully catering to your BFF on their big day:

"On this day, a queen was born."

Cupcakes with candles

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For a photo of you reminding your friend that growing up isn't that great:

"It's never too late to be what you want. Unless you want to be younger, then it is too late."




For a photo of you encouraging your BFF to have the most epic b-day party:

"Go shorty, it's your birthday. We're gonna party like it's your birthday."

-"In Da Club (It's Your Birthday)" by 50 Cent


For a photo of you celebrating the fact that some things never change:

"Sassy since birth."


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For a photo that simply sums up the day's events:

"They say it's your birthday, we're gonna have a good time."

-"Birthday" by The Beatles


For a photo thanking your pal for sticking by you:

"Happy birthday to the crazy, amazing chick who knows everything about me and still decided to be my best friend."


For a photo of you attacking your friend with a big birthday hug:

"Thanks for being my rock."

Happy birthday hats on table

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For a photo of your bestie blowing out their birthday candles:

"Make a wish."


For a photo that explains why your BFF is so important to you:

"Here's to another year of laughing at our own jokes and keeping each other sane."


For a photo that just sums it all up:

"Happy birthday to my irreplaceable best friend."


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