How to Throw Your BFF a Birthday Bash She'll Never Forget

Party planning is not something we take lightly around here, especially when it comes to our BFFs.

Throw her a birthday bash she'll never forget using our game-changing tips and tricks below.

1. Pick a Theme

Although you'll initially want to throw a large, extravagant themed soiree for your BFF, we know that's probably not in your budget. Picking even a simple theme or color scheme can still make for a cute, cohesive and—more importantly—Insta-worthy party.


2. Confetti Balloons

Because a truly spectacular bash is held together by glitter and glue, throw up a few of THESE gorgeous confetti balloons. Change up the colors to match your theme and you're golden.

Confetti balloons

(via Brit + Co)


3. Make a Party Playlist

Music can make or break a party so choose your party playlist wisely. Use a streaming service like Spotify to pick one of their many curated playlists or make one that's full of your BFF's all-time favorite jams.


4. DIY Unicorn Ears

Party games are cool and all, but your BFF deserves the best, right? Opt for a unicorn ear-making station instead! THESE instructions show you exactly how to make them. You'll also need to bust out the camera and take a ton of cute pics in them, too.

DIY unicorn ears

(via Mini Drops)


5. Unicorn Spa Jars

We think it's time to put a fun new twist on the classic goodie bag. Swap them out in favor of THESE gorgeous unicorn spa jars. You can DIY the items in each jar or buy a few inexpensive similar ones to give to each guest. Your bestie will adore them and you for being so creative.

Unicorn spa jar

(via The Gunny Sack)


6. Ice Cream Bombe Cake

The cake is arguably one of the most prominent elements of a birthday bash so it must be both delicious and worthy of a million photos. THIS ice cream cake is exactly what you're looking for. Top it off with a candy sparkler for extra pizzaz. 

Ice cream cake with sparkler

(via Country Living)


Now that you know how to throw your bestie her dream bash, find out how to camp in your backyard HERE.