The 7 Most Adorable BFF Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together Last Minute

Are you and your bestie stuck on what you two will be this Halloween? Fortunately for you, we came up with some adorbs BFF costume ideas that will make you the Queens of Halloween. But we don't just come up with the perf costume ideas and not tell you how to get it. We can tell you exactly where you can get each item in the costume AND they're all BEYOND cheap. We know, we're the best!?



If you and your bestie are the funniest people in the room, then you need to go as SpongeBob and Patrick for Halloween.

A Halloween costume tutorial for SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star

Here is everything you'll need to be SpongeBob:

  • A yellow tank top – Forever 21 and Target have some you can purchase.
  • A brown skirt – You can even use brown shorts, but make sure they're a pair you don't care about since you'll be painting on them.
  • White socks with red stripes – If you know someone who is an athlete, they definitely have a pair you can borrow.
  • Black shoes – Any pair of black shoes you own or can borrow will work to complete this look.
  • Fabric paint – It's a little bit on the expensive side, but it will be put to good use to paint on SpongeBob's red tie and white shirt. Walmart sells a pack of 12 for $20.

Here is everything you'll need to be Patrick:

  • A pink tank top – Again, head on over to Forever 21 or Target if a pink tank top is not currently hanging in your closet.
  • Green shorts – You will be painting Patrick's purple stars on these, so you want to find a pair you won't mind destroying. Hit up your local thrift store to see if they have an incredibly inexpensive pair you can purchase.
  • Pink flip flops – Bless Target for selling these for $4!!!!!
  • Fabric paint – Walmart is where to be!



Let everyone know you and your BFF are just as cool, if not cooler, than Tay and Karlie by dressing up as them for Halloween.

A Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss costume tutorial for Halloween

Here is everything you'll need to be Tay:

  • Black pants – Chances are you already have a pair, but if you don't, head to Forever 21 to nab a pair for $8.
  • A black long sleeve shirt – Target sells them for only $8 — BARGAIN!
  • Black flats – These can be a little bit more expensive to buy if a pair isn't in your possession. Target also sells these, but for $15.
  • Red lipstick – While you're getting that shirt and those shoes at Target, take a stroll down the beauty aisle to get NYX lipstick for $4.

Here is everything you'll need to be Karlie:



This costume is perfect for the girly girls who have plenty of sass!

A Sophia Grace and Rosie costume tutorial for Halloween

Here is everything you'll need for both Sophia Grace and Rosie:

  • A pink tutu – Party City has a variety of pink tutus for you to choose from.
  • A pink tank top – These are $6 at Target, if you don't have one to use.
  • A crown – Party City is also the place to hit up for this piece of the costume.
  • A microphone – They're literally $2 at Party City — AMAZING!
  • White frilly socks – Topshop has some for $6.
  • Flats – These can basically be any color, but ones that are either pink or sparkly are preferred for the overall aesthetic.



This costume is ideal for the duo who is SUPER last minute, because this is probs the easiest costume to throw together.

A Halloween costume tutorial for the dancing girls emoji

Here is everything you'll need for each emoji:

  • A black shirt – You can find a simple black shirt like the one above at Michaels for $4.
  • Black shorts – You can use any pair of black shorts you have in your possession to make this costume.
  • Black flats – Hopefully you own a pair or know someone who owns a pair you can borrow. But Target is a homie and has them for $15.
  • Cat ears – You can even make your own "ears" by propping pieces of black paper onto a headband.



If you never go anywhere without your BFF by your side, this emoji costume is screaming your name.

A Halloween costume tutorial for the girls holding hands emoji

Here is everything you'll need for both girls:

  • A red dress – Macy's has one for $30, but you may be able to find one for super cheap at a thrift store.
  • A purple dress – Forever 21 has one you can purchase for $12. But maybe ask a friend or your mom if they have one you can borrow for the evening.
  • A red belt – Target has one for $13, but a thrift store may have one for even cheaper.
  • A purple belt – You may want to do a little online shopping for these, because you can find one for literally $2!
  • Black flats – You can really use any shoes for this look. If you want to be accurate though, use some black flats.



This costume is for the besties who are the life of the party and always down to have a good time.

A Halloween costume tutorial for Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne

Here is everything you'll need to be Kendall:

  • A CaKe Tour shirt – These are on Etsy for only $13! One step closer to actually being Kendall and Cara!
  • Black pants – Everyone has a pair or knows someone who can lend them a pair. But Forever 21 sells them, if you need some.
  • Black rain boots – You can wear any shoes you dream of wearing really, but Target has rain boots for $24.
  • A white faux fur coat – You need to hit up your local thrift store, because they have plenty for like $10.

Here is everything you'll need to be Cara:

  • A CaKe Tour shirt – Again, Etsy for $13. Check. Mate.
  • Black pants – You totally have a pair, but we'll just reiterate that Forever 21 is where you need to go to find these on the cheap.
  • Combat boots – DSW has a pair for $30 and you need them, because they are everything!
  • A sporty jacket – JCPenny has one for $30, but you should always ask a friend if you can borrow theirs!
  • A headband – Etsy has so many options for only $10.



Going as Todd and Copper (AKA the fox and the hound) is a fab way to show off you and your bestie's Disney obsession.

A Halloween costume tutorial for The Fox and the Hound

Here is what you'll need to be the fox:

  • An orange tank top – Michaels sells them for $5, so head over there now!
  • White shorts – Hollister Co. has a pair for $20 that you will want to wear all day every day!
  • Brown knee high socks – We'd check Kohl's, because they have some for $12. You don't want to use a pair you already own since you'll be gluing the white fur to the tops of them.
  • Fox ears and tail – There's the most adorable pair on Etsy for $13.
  • White fur – You can get a TON of this fabric at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores for $4.
  • Fabric glue – Our go to for fabric glue is the $4 one at Michaels.
  • White shoes – You can use whatever shoes you desire to complete this look.

Here is what you'll need to be the hound:

  • Brown shorts – Forever 21, Target, Old Navy, all these places have brown/khaki shorts you can get for between $10-$15.
  • A brown tank top – Ask your friends to borrow one of theirs, if you don't have one and don't want to buy one. But you will be gluing the white fur onto it, so maybe hitting up Target for a $5 is a better idea.
  • Dog ears and tail – Party City is where you want to go to get this key part of the costume.
  • White fur – Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores is where you need to go for this.
  • Fabric glue – $4 at Michaels. Enough said.
  • White shoes – If you don't own white shoes, it's cool. Any shoes you want to wear will work.


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