Makeup That Matches Your Mood? Yes, Please!

That feeling when you get a new eyeshadow palette—is there anything better?

What about an eyeshadow palette that perfectly represents your mood? What, never heard of that? Well today, May 14, BH Cosmetics released their latest makeup launch, the Say It Collection, which does exactly that. Each item from the collection matches all the moods you're bound to be in, because no one feels "Optimistic AF" or that they're "Lookin Like A Snack" 24/7. The collection consists of nine eyeshadow palettes, six lip glosses and a six-piece brush set. Keep scrolling to find out all about the Say It collection from BH Cosmetics.

The Eyeshadow Palettes

9 Color Shadow Palettes: $15

The new collection features six eyeshadow palettes, each with nine different shades. The palettes available include Lookin Like A Snack, Low Key Love You, Let That S*** Go, Optimistic AF, Do Not Disturb and F*** Off. Ranging from greens to blues to purples to pinks to oranges and reds, there's something for everyone.

Our personal favorite has to be Let That S*** Go ($15) because green is going to be huge this summer.


(via BH Cosmetics)


The Shimmer Glosses

Say It! Shimmer Gloss: $9

The shimmer glosses from the Say It collection are pure perfection! They actually share the same names as the eyeshadows: Lookin Like A Snack, Low Key Love You, Let That S*** Go, Optimistic AF, Do Not Disturb and F*** Off.


(via BH Cosmetics)

For the glosses in particular, we're having a hard time choosing a fave, but it's definitely between Do Not Disturb ($9) and Optimistic AF ($9).

say it bh cosmetics lip glosses

(via BH Cosmetics)


The Brush Set

Say It! 6 Piece Eye Brush Set With Bag: $19

Chances are you've had your makeup brushes for far too long, so it's time for an upgrade! This eye brush set has everything you could ever need, with each brush designed for a specific task including diffuse, blend, shade, pack, smudge and smoke. We're loving the white handle featuring super-soft vegan bristles and the adorable bag it all comes in!

say it bh cosmetics brush set

(via BH Cosmetics)


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