Big Hero 6's Latest Movie Trailer!

A brand new trailer is out for the upcoming Disney and Marvel animated movie Big Hero 6, giving us an even closer look at the protagonist, Hiro, and his heroic band of friends!big hero 6 trailer new

Before he passed away, Hiro's older brother Tadashi, a robotics whiz, created an inflatable medical robot named Baymax. Once Tadashi is gone, Baymax becomes a kind of guardian to Hiro, seeking to heal his emotional wounds as well as any physical ones.

But when a masked villain starts to take over Hiro's hometown of San Fransokyo, Hiro decides that Baymax's talents can be put to even greater use. He uses some tech skills of his own to optimize Baymax for battle!

But Baymax isn't the only one to get an upgrade. Hiro assembles a team of crime fighters and suits them all up with his computer knowledge to create an unstoppable coalition and bring down the enemy once and for all!

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