Big Hero 6 Is A Superhero Triumph For Audience Of All Ages!

Disney's superhero thriller Big Hero 6 is out in theaters today with a story that will warm the hearts of viewers of all ages, and inspire kids to embrace science in the progress!big hero 6 review sweety high

The protagonist of Big Hero 6 is Hiro Hamada, a native of the fictional city of San Fransokyo, and a 14-year-old brilliant, but aimless, high school graduate. Rather than putting his intellect toward something productive, he uses it to build a robot to fight in illegal matches, landing him in trouble early in the film.

Lucky for Hiro, his older brother, Tadashi, is always looking out for him. He's a student at an acclaimed university with an emphasis on the sciences, and hopes for a meaningful future for his brother.

Hiro has no interest in following in Tadashi's footsteps until he meets Tadashi's friends and witnesses the amazing things they can do with their knowledge. He immediately makes it his goal to get accepted into the school come fall.

To ensure his success, Hiro decides to make an impressive showing at the school's robotics showcase. He invents tiny magnetic robots that he calls microbots, which can work in tandem to enable their handlers to do absolutely anything. His creation stuns, gaining him his coveted acceptance letter.

But a tragic fire at the showcase turns Hiro's life on its head, and he loses a lot more than his nanobots. 

At first, Hiro loses all will to continue his work, until a creation by Tadashi, the sweet, inflatable medical assistant robot Baymax, comes to Hiro's aid to help him through his difficult time.

An adventure with Baymax leads Hiro to discover that his nanobots have fallen into the wrong hands, getting mass-produced and exploited by a mysterious masked villain.

When Baymax encourages Hiro to reconnect with the people closest to him, Hiro teams up with Tadashi's friends to bring the perp to justice and set his life back on track!

Big Hero 6 is a success on every level. The story is at once warmly inspiring and heartrending, with a diverse cast of characters making up a perfect team.

Baymax is set to be one of Disney's most beloved characters. The character is perfectly voiced by Scott Adsit and his slow, sometimes clumsy demeanor makes for incredible physical comedy, while his warmth and caring will make fans wish they had a cuddly Baymax of their own. 

The rest of the team is well balanced, with each member lending their own unique skills based on their knowledge of science and technology to the mix. 

While Hiro always teams up with the dependable Baymax, leading ladies GoGo and Honey Lemon utilize no-friction wheels and chemical reactions to fight their battles. Fighter Wasabi handles laser-field blades, while the school mascot, Fred, utilizes his mascot skills to transform into a monster of sorts.

We love that the movie makes STEM and robotics look immeasurably cool!

The movie's characters are inspired by the Marvel comic series of the same name, but take them in a vastly different direction. Marvel fans will get a kick out of the post-credits scene. Don't miss it!

The film's animation is also incredible, with fantastic attention to detail. The film gorgeously blends elements from the cities of San Francisco, California, and Tokyo, Japan into the incredible San Fransokyo. Tori gates meet the Golden Gate Bridge in a bridge across the city's bay, while modern buildings are topped with Japanese-style roofs.

Big Hero 6 is the perfect superhero action movie for kids who aren't ready for the more mature action flicks out there, as well as adults looking to add another favorite to their list. It's a cautionary story about the dangers of revenge, as well as the powers of friendship, with as much brain as it has heart.

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