Big Time Rush: First Kisses, Secret Talents, & More!

Logan Henderson, James Maslow, Carlos Pena, and Kendall Schmidt have been touring around the country and recording music for their second album. The Big Time Rush stars reveal some interesting facts about themselves, including, who the biggest ladies' man of the group is.

Check out these 18 facts about Big Time Rush brought to you by Nickelodeon:

1. They're all die hard Harry Potter fans.
2. The boys love snowboarding, and plan trips together when they're not working.
3. Logan and Carlos both loved Are You Afraid of the Dark? as kids.
4. Before they perform, the guys sing a special chant together.
5. Kendall was a pro paintball player when he was younger — it's his favorite sport!
6. Logan and Kendall were BFF before BTR.
7. Kendall started taking dance lessons after he was cast on the show.
8. Carlos loves listening to the Rent soundtrack when he's driving — the other guys hate to ride with him!
9. Carlos has a black belt in Tae Kwan Do!
10. James and Carlos are both certified scuba divers.
11. Their favorite '90s boy band is *NSYNC — they'd love to work with Justin Timberlake.
12. They all agree that Logan is the ladies' man of the group.
13. Kendall has the same middle name as his grandmother — Francis.
14. Logan was a gymnast before he joined BTR.
15. James carried around a King of Hearts playing card for good luck.
16. Their favorite song on their album is Worldwide.
17. They all sang in children's choir and community theater before landing roles on BTR.
18. All the guys had their first kiss in middle school. But James was the youngest — he was only in the 6th grade!