Big Time Rush Is Here To Stay

The stars of Big Time Rush hope that their band will stand the test of time.

The show, which is about four Minnesota hockey players who form a boy band in Hollywood, has been renewed for a third season after being a huge success since it first premiered in January 2010. It's actually Nickelodeon's highest rated live-action series.

Not only that, but the band's music has been a hit with fans as well. Big Time Rush's debut album, which was released in November, hit the #3 spot on the Billboard's albums chart and #1 on iTunes. The group has been playing sold-out shows and it's clear that the band's success is only going to continue to skyrocket.

"We're seeing – most of them, actually, are sold-out shows, which we've been so blessed and are thankful for. And not only are they sold out, we've had the coolest news – each one that we go to has been like the most people they've brought in the fairs' history. And so that's been cool. We've heard not just one person say that, but most of the venues we've played said that, which has been such a cool experience," shared Logan Henderson.

So what's next for the show and the band? Logan Henderson, one of the band mates, revealed what the band has been up to this summer.

On what the band is up to this summer:

"Yeah, I'm actually on my way to the recording studio. This is kind of like our summer to do the fair dates, and basically getting the act together and get comfortable with seeing everybody and performing theses songs. And I know next year's obviously going to be a much different situation. But we're having a great time doing fairs and so many people are coming out. So it's been definitely a highlight."

On the fans that show up:

"Oh, yeah. I mean, honestly, we've always said that we have the best fans in the world, because girls, guys, parents – everyone is welcome, and they all show up. And you know what? They're all more than willing to support us and to have a great time at the shows. And so we really look forward to playing the shows, because it's basically just one huge party. So we love it."

On the shift from acting to music:

"Right, right. Well, it's definitely much different. I was raised on music, so I always did do music, but not in a way that I considered to be a career choice. So that was such as huge change of pace for all of us. But it's been really cool. We all learn really quick and I know that each of us, at 20, 21 years old, we want to grow and learn everything – not just acting, not just being an entertainer overall, but to learn everything and to learn new things at each place we go to and to make new relationships. We are really loving this touring live. It's so much different from acting, and it definitely coming from a place that's much different from how I was raised and what I came out here to do, but I'm super passionate about it, and I've completely fallen in love with it."

On working with high-profile artists like Snoop Dogg:

"Um, you know, Snoop Dogg sort of took us under his wing. So to have people in the business like that – that really are willing to give a helping hand and are willing to kind of teach you and show you what the business is all about and the ethics of actually working hard to get to be what you want was such a cool thing, to see somebody like that, in such a position. You know, Snoop Dogg is a legend. He is the original OG. So to have someone like that teach us and kind of show us the ropes was really cool. And we're learning so much right now, currently. We're still in the studio. I know that I and all of the guys are writing, individually and together as a group for our album."

On how the new album will differ from the first album:

"Well, quite literally it's going to differ because this is all of our own music. This is music that's been – I guess it's been real and original to us, which is the most important thing to our fans, as well. And everyone that listens just knows that things have changed so much in the last year. So for us to be able to be in that mindset and to write about what is real to us and what is currently on our minds and hearts that's going to be the biggest difference. You're going to expect a much different sound from us."

On if the cast members are anything like the characters they play on TV:

"[Laughs] We do get that question a lot. Um, you know, there are certain aspects of the characters that are similar to us. But I can say for myself that I very much play a character on TV and we very much play characters on TV. But as far as the humor goes, and as far as how goofy the characters are, we're all pretty goofy in real life and we all like having a good time and we're all pretty funny guys. But outside of that, we are all very much playing characters. The cool thing about the show and the concerts is people get to actually see the real us. And see us for who we really are, which is really special, too."