Big Time Rush Star, Kendall Schmidt, Talks Halloween, Harry Potter, & Argentina!

ICYDK (in case you didn't know) Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush is quite the Harry Potter fan. Sorry, Robert Pattinson, looks like Kendall isn't a fan. Who else is he a fan of then? Read the following tweetersation Kendall had with his twitter followers and find out!

Fan 1: "when is some more heffron drive music coming out?"
Kendall: "Soon enough..i promise"

Fan 2: "Do you like Argentina ?"
Kendall: "I sure hope so, cause i have always wanted to go there!"

Fan 3: "where's the one place in the world you really wanna go to?:):)"
Kendall: "Borneo..hands down"

Fan 4: "if you could do a song with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?"
Kendall: "Brandon Boyd or Adam Lazarra"

Fan 5: "how old have you been when you got your driver license?"
Kendall: "I was 16"

Fan 6: "What are you gonna be for Halloween?"
Kendall: "Guess"

Fan 7: "Twilight or Harry Potter?"
Kendall: "HP Fo Sho"

What do you think Kendall is going to be for Halloween? Comment below!