These Are Going to Be the Biggest Beauty Trends in 2019

Kickstart the new year in style by dialing up your beauty game a notch!

While 2018 was all about bold experimentation and playing with color, 2019 will focus on the softer side of beauty with a heavy emphasis on skincare. Below, we've rounded up the biggest beauty trends that Pinterest is predicting will skyrocket in 2019.

Lilac Hair

It seems that brightly colored hair hues have dominated for years now, and believe it or not, the trend is not showing any sign of slowing down. Pinterest searches for lilac hair are up +1077%, so book that hair color appointment stat and try out a pretty shade of lavender this year.

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Powder Dip Nails

If you're anything like us and suffer from a serious gel mani addiction, then 2019 might actually be the year you break the habit by switching to powder dip nails. The process, also referred to as SNS, uses powder instead of gel and can last as long as a month, without the damage of gel nails. Searches for powder dip nails are up +442% and it's definitely worth trying out. 


Going Grey

If lilac hair isn't really your thing, then the grey hair trend might be for you. Up 879% in search, people are itching to try the silver hair trend, which is a really easy switch if you already have blonde or platinum hair.


Glossy Makeup

Bye bye matte addicts. Glossy makeup will reign supreme in the new year, but the look is less about adding gloss and more about taking amazing care of your skin. An on-point skincare routine is crucial to get that lit-from-within glow, so make sure you're loading up your arsenal with face oils and illuminating bases for a makeup look that shines.

Liquid Exfoliators

We'll always be a sucker for a good mask, but liquid exfoliators are the name of the game for the new year. Liquid exfoliators—also known as acids—are wonderful for sloughing off dead skin cells and brightening the complexion.

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Lash Lifts

Between volumizing mascaras, curling wands, lash extensions and tints, there's nothing we won't try to get our dream lashes. Meet the lash lift, the product that literally lifts up your lashes so you don't need to curl them or even wear mascara. People became intrigued with this treatment in 2018, and we expect you will see a lot more people actually getting the lift done in 2019.

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Baby Bangs

If you've been toying with the idea of bangs, now's your moment. Baby bangs are going to be all the rage in the new year. Equal parts girly and cool, these are sure to get you noticed on the first day back at school.


French Girl Haircut

A  bold new hue might be in the cards for you this year, so why not try the effortlessly off-duty French girl haircut that's sure to be big. Grazing right at the cheekbone with a little curl on the end, this is a daring look that will have major style payoff.

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