These Will Be the Biggest Fashion Trends of 2018

As they say, out with the old and in with the new!

We couldn't be more delighted to usher in a fresh new crop of trends for 2018 because there's no better time to up the ante on our wardrobe than the stroke of a new year.

And believe us, 2018 is looking pretty fab in the fashion department. The mantra for the year is all about excess—more is more. Fashion is meant to be fun and a reflection of your personality, so get ready to play with the year's soon-to-be biggest trends. Below, we've rounded up the styles you should start wearing now.


Fringe is in, in every sense of the word. Start looking for fringe trim on everything: bags, blazers, dresses, and even pants and shoes. And while you're at it, get bangs as well because those are gonna be hot, too.


Buckle Shoes

Buckle up, because these shoes are sure to take you on a wild ride. The more buckles, the better.



It's no surprise that because ultra violet is Pantone's color of 2018, you're going to see an influx of all things purple. Runways showed tons of lavender, and we already have our eye on pretty lavender coats and soft purple sweaters.


Mad For Plaid

To be honest, we don't think plaid ever really goes out of style. But, you're sure to see a lot more of it in 2018. Designers went mad for plaid on the runways, and the beauty of this print is you can incorporate it into your look so many different ways.

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Fanny Packs

We're all about a trend that allows us to have our hands free, so you better believe we're smitten with fanny packs for 2018. They're practical, stylish and can be worn more ways than you think, like crossbody, low on the hips or used as a belt to define the waist.


'80s Workout Gear

Athleisure has been a mainstay in fashion as of late. It's just as stylish to put together an outfit as it is to rock a fully styled workout outfit. That said, workout gear is getting an '80s makeover thanks to Fenty by Rihanna's runway, and because everything RiRi touches turns to gold, we have reason to believe '80s workout gear is going to be huge.


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