These 3 Zodiac Signs Are the Biggest Flirts

Flirting is an art form that not everyone has mastered.

Some of us can fake it till we make it, while others of us struggle to even make eye contact with our crush who's all the way across the room.

Then there are people who can flirt like no other. It's almost a part of their DNA, and they could definitely teach the rest of us how it's done.

Who are these natural-born flirts, you're probably wondering? They happen to be born under three very distinct zodiac signs.

If you happen to be one of the signs below, you're definitely one of the biggest flirts there is.


Leo adores being adored, so it's no wonder this fire sign is all about flirting. They're practically born knowing how to flirt, they're that good at it. There's no one they can't charm with their cheery and alluring personality. And believe us, they'll sure as heck try to attract the attention of just about everyone with their coy vibes. Is this even the slightest bit surprising though? After all, everyone wants to either be like the Leo in their life or be with them. But the Leos can't help it, it's just who they are.

Lydia smirking at someone off camera in Teen Wolf

(Teen Wolf via MTV)



Though all sorts of mysterious, Scorpio is a huge flirt. They draw everyone in with their mysterious and moody vibes, only to leave them wanting more. Without a doubt, they're the master flirters of the zodiac. And they don't even have to try. They can very quickly pick up on another person's vibe, which is why it's ridiculously easy for them to connect with anyone and everyone. Of course, they're highly selective with who they give their attention to. So if you're one of the chosen few, consider yourself lucky.

Mal and Harry flirting in Descendants 2

(Descendants 2 via Disney Channel)



Curious and affectionate Gemini was blessed with the gift of gab, which means they can talk to anyone about anything. And that's exactly what they do. Though they can chat it up like no other, they seldom ever come off as annoying. It's because they're just so darn cute and can socialize like no other. While most people get nervous or shy when they try to flirt with someone they like, Gemini is the complete opposite. They'll keep talking to you until you're head over heels for them.

Regina George blowing a kiss to a guy in Mean Girls

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)


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