10 Big Things That Happened In Music the Week of Dec. 4

We are repeatedly blown away by the stellar new music getting dropped every week.

In these trying times, music has been our sanctuary and safe place, so we sincerely appreciate all the artists putting themselves out there. This week might just be one of our favorites of the year and there is a lot to unpack.

Curious to see what we've been listening to? Keep scrolling for the 10 big things that happened in music the week of Dec. 4.

1. MASN Drops Captivating New Song, 'Sitting In Fire'

Relatively new to the music scene, MASN has already been making waves. Just today, he dropped his newest single, "Sitting In Fire," and we're obsessed. We get major Machine Gun Kelly vibes from his vocals, and every time his music plays we vibe. This new song is no different. In a press release, MASN said, "I wrote this song about being nostalgic and noticing how different things are from when we were kids who didn't have a care. This feeling is calm on the surface but feels like burning up inside because change is necessary but hard. We have to embrace it, feel it, but never give up on being better."


2. George Alice Releases New Single and Music Video, 'Teenager'

George Alice just came on our radar, and wow are we impressed. Immediately upon streaming her new single, "Teenager," we knew we were dealing with a girl about to blow up on the music scene. Listen for yourself to see what we're talking about. In a press release about the song, she said, "Every line has a different meaning and was somehow relevant in my life. I felt really underestimated in the music industry being so young, I know so many teenagers feel this way in the schooling system too, so I wanted to bring attention to it. I hope this song can be the making of more unique individuals and kids stepping out being who they are."


3. ALY & AJ Drop Latest Record, 'Slow Dancing'

If you watched Disney Channel back in the day, you 100% know who ALY & AJ are. This sister duo finally gave the fans what they've been wanting—more music! Just this week, they dropped their latest record, "Slow Dancing," and we seriously dig it. It's super dreamy and will make you want to draw the blinds, light some candles and maybe even cry. After all, it's been a long time coming, so we're glad it comes before their upcoming album. In a press release about their upcoming and highly anticipated album, they said, "It's been 13 years since we released a full album, and we ended up with more material than we ever expected."


4. MisterWives Finally Release Music Video for '3 Small Words'

Intricately weird is what we first thought upon watching MisterWives' new music video for "3 Small Words"—and we don't mean that in a bad way at all. The video starts out in a retro sort of way, making us think of an '80s horror flick. Then, a flower monster appears on the scene, and things just get weird! MisterWives' front runner Mandy Lee and the monster have a special sort of connection on screen. Just watch for yourself below!


5. Stephanie Poetri Unveils Anticipated Single, 'Selfish'

Stephanie Poetri just unveiled her highly anticipated single and music video, "Selfish." It explores a more somber side of her singing, and we totally dig it. In a press release about "Selfish," Stephanie said, "It's a song about contemplating and battling with yourself about whether you have the right to be selfish in this new relationship/not relationship, when you have someone but you don't really, and just working through all of those extremely complicated feelings."


6. RCA Records Unleashes Never Released Track, 'Swimming In the Stars' by Britney Spears

We don't care how old you are—Britney Spears is everyone's queen of pop. She's effortlessly beautiful with an even more stunning voice, and while she's gotten a lot of flack in the media lately, we still stand behind her. So, when RCA Records unleashed some never-before-heard content from the star, the internet went wild—us included! And with us all being back in quarantine, this couldn't have all come at a better time. We highly recommend giving "Swimming In the Stars" a listen—you won't regret it.


7. A Capella Group EARCANDY Shares New Album An EARCANDY Christmas

Brand new acapella group EARCANDY just shared An EARCANDY Christmas, an album released just in time for the holidays! The group consists of 11 people of varying ages, locations, genders, sexualities and more. The combination of their vocals make for some sensational music, and we plan on listening to their new album all month long. We must say, though, our absolute favorite vocals are from their rendition of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch."


8. YDE Releases Single and Lyric Video for 'BlindLife'

If you look up cool girl in the dictionary, YDE is undoubtedly right there. She just released the single and lyric video for her latest project, "BlindLife," which is super apocalyptic and fierce. She covers the tough topics that are hard to talk about in today's social climate, like racial injustice and climate change, to name a few. In a press release, YDE refers to the song as "my end of the world anthem." Check it out for yourself to see if you feel the same!


9. Australian Singer Ziggy Alberts Drops Music Video for 'heartbeat'

Australian singer-songwriter, Ziggy Alberts, has just dropped the music video for his hit song, "heartbeat." With musical similarities to Jack Johnson, Ziggy gives off feel-good, laid-back energy in his lyrics and voice. In a press release, Ziggy said, "heartbeat is about love and how healing it can be… A break-up song turned into a story of hope and trust on a summer adventure. [Heartbeat] explores how you can find resolution in the common thread of all good things—love."


10. Shawn Mendes Unleashes Latest Studio Album, Wonder

We don't know about you, but anytime Shawn Mendes drops new material, we are ready and waiting to be the first to listen. His new album, Wonder, which dropped today, is no different. The album includes 14 tracks and even features Justin Bieber on one of them—"Monster," which just might be our favorite on the entire album. Not to mention, the pair look smokin' hot in the music video (seriously, look at Shawn's hair!). Shawn Mendes is what a rock star looks like in today's world, and we can only imagine he's about to break records with this stunner of an album.


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