10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of Nov. 20, 2020

No matter what's going on in the world around us at any given moment, we can always depend on our favorite artists to soothe our souls with great new music every week.

Whether you love folk, alt rock, blues, country, pop, hip-hop, punk, reggaeton or a blend of all of these, we can bet you'll find something to love from this week's new music. Get ready to discover your new favorite tracks, and keep reading to discover our favorite 10 releases of the last seven days.

1. Serena Ryder Releases an Upbeat Music Video for 'Kid Gloves'

Canadian singer-songwriter Serena Ryder has one of the best voices in the business, and if you were looking out for a cheery new track to kick off your weekend with, "Kid Gloves" is it. With a bouncing beat and a melody that explores all of Serena's expansive vocal range, it's sure to get you bobbing your head and feeling like you can do anything you set your mind to. "Every morning, I read Rumi's poems to guide my day forward, and 'Kid Gloves' is inspired by his words," she explained in a press release. "Love is truly the most precious gift we have to offer, and this song is a reminder that in this painful world, love is the only cure."


2. Wild Fire Premieres Music Video for 'Cut U Off'

Country duo Wild Fire, made up of sisters Kayla and Kelli Iuwitz, are known for their playful sound and almost too relatable lyrics, and their latest single, "Cut U Off," is no exception. In fact, we loved it so much, we premiered it right here at Sweety High! "The song was inspired by a bad relationship and breakup I went through," the band's Kayla Iutzwif told us. "In my case, I did not want to be the second choice in this relationship. The idea of the song is that there are some relationships we just need to let go of."


3. Isaac Dunbar Wows With New Single 'Love, or the Lack Thereof'

We honestly had no idea that indie pop singer Isaac Dunbar is just 17, because his music has a depth far beyond his years. His new single, "Love, or the Lack Thereof," is out today with a rousing beat, smooth vocals and lyrics that beautifully capture the complexity of love. "This record is about all of the emotions that make up the concept of love," Isaac explained in a press release. "There are so many things that go into it when in a relationship, whether platonic or romantic: anger, confusion, bliss, and despair." His new EP, Evil Twin, comes out in February and we are seriously counting down the days.


4. Crimson Apple Stuns With 'War With My Mind' Music Video

Don't mind us—we're just over here obsessing over girl band Crimson Apple. The band, made up of the four Benson sisters, boasts a strong pop-alternative sound, and their new song, "War With My Mind," is all too relevant these days. "When writing the song, we all took inspiration from the sucky emotions you can get when your heart and mind don't want the same things in a toxic relationship," the band's Shelby Benson told Sweety High. We've definitely been there.


5. Viral TikTok Star Gabriella Valdes Covers Everybody Loves An Outlaw's 'I See Red'

17-year-old Gabriella Valdes might not be a household name just yet, but she should be. Her viral TikTok covers have generated a whopping 50 million views and counting, and once you've heard her stunningly soulful voice, you'll understand why. No disrespect at all to Everybody Loves an Outlaw, but we think Gabriella elevates "I See Red" to an entirely new level with her raw vocals on this cover.


6. Anson Seabra Releases Heartfelt New Single 'Walked Through Hell'

If you're ready to feel all the emotions, we recommend listening to Anson Seabra's beautiful new single "Walked Through Hell." The track features Anson's stunning and sensitive voice over delicately moody orchestration to create one gorgeous song. "It's about feeling like you did everything you could for someone who just took you for granted," Anson explained in a press release. "Even though you did everything you thought this person wanted, you still end up alone. It's sad, desperate, and emotional." And if you're craving more, a new album from Anson is slated for next year.


7. Elle King's Gorgeous 'The Let Go' Goes Big

Singer-songwriter Elle King stunned us earlier this year with her new song "The Let Go," with a stripped-down and bluesy sound that makes it feel super raw, and oh-so personal. This week, the track is back, but with a total new twist thanks to a full band. This one is backed by a pounding rhythm, twinkly tambourines and acoustic guitars, bringing something entirely new to the powerful vocals. Suddenly, the song has an irresistible stadium rock feel—and we can't get enough of it.


8. Sasha Sloan Teams Up With Charlie Puth for a New Take on 'Is It Just Me?'

When we ask our favorite artists who they're looking up to in the music world right now, Sasha Sloan invariably gets mentioned, and it's easy to see why. The singer-songwriter's sweet voice and personal lyrics cut straight to the core, and her new collaboration with Charlie Puth to put a new spin on"Is It Just Me?" is no different. Sasha bares her inner truth on the track, and Charlie's voice makes us love it more than ever. "When Charlie told me he wanted to do a remix of 'Is It Just Me?' I couldn't believe it," Sasha said in a press release. "I'm such a fan of his and he took the song to a whole new level."


9. Payton Moormeier Unleashes Epic Pop Punk Single 'Don't Go'

Singer-songwriter and social media superstar Payton Moormeier is absolutely winning the game right now, and his latest release, "Don't Go," is sure to be another big hit. With its chunky, palm-muted guitar sounds and call-and-response vocals, it's evocative of our favorite pop-punk tracks of the early '00s, and it's guaranteed to get stuck in your head after a single listen.


10. Mau y Ricky Drop Their New Refresh Album and a Music Video for 'Ouch'

Latin pop duo Mau y Ricky are huge in Latin America, and we think they're about to get their big break in the U.S. with the release of their latest album, Refresh. "We believe as artists that we have to be constantly moving forward, constantly evolving and we love all the music that we've been doing and creating," the band told Sweety High"Refresh kind of serves as a new step forward towards what we want to represent and what we want to become as artists." They also released their epic "Ouch" music video the same day.


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