Everything We Obsessed Over in 2017

Every year comes along with its own roller coaster ride.

From amazing moments to disastrous events, every year is unique in its own way. But when it comes to 2017, we had some pretty serious obsessions.

From music to movies to makeup, these were all of our favorite things of this year—for better or worse:

Fenty Beauty

Our love for RiRi got even realer this year when she dropped her make up line dedicated to every complexion out there. While this line gained such immediate popularity because of the range of foundations, we have to admit we're also obsessed with the colorful lip collection.



Jelena (if you've been living under Patrick Star's rock, that's Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez) are the are-they-aren't-they question of the year. This celeb couple has been toying with our hearts this year and we seriously don't know what to think. If only we could have been another passenger on that bike.


Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was the gaming console of the year, hands down. What might be even better than the unit itself is all of the amazing games we've had the pleasure of test driving this year. Basically, if you're in the gaming world, you know that this launch was one of the most exciting aspects of 2017.

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Taylor Swift's Reputation

Whether you loved it or hated it, you can't deny that the release of Taylor's latest album, Reputation, got the masses talking. In addition to the songs themselves, those lyrics really threw us for a spin. We went crazy trying to decipher the symbolism in her new songs. But out of the entire album THESE were our top five faves.

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Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnets have been big this year in general, but one of the most interesting beauty trends of 2017 was definitely the magnetic eyelashes. In the world of falsies, these made quite a splash. We weren't exactly sure how we felt about this trend, but we can't deny that the eyelashes made headlines.

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Umm, hi, yes, hello: If you aren't obsessed with Riverdale, then we can't talk anymore. From the mystery to the heartthrobs to the friendship to the relationships (Bughead 4 ever), we quite literally can't get enough of this show. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, season 2 came in strong with an even more interesting murder mystery with the Black Hood.

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Stranger Things 2

The phenomenon of Stranger Things didn't slow down with their second season. It's quickly becoming our favorite Halloween binging tradition and while we have a whole year before the next Hawkins adventure begins, we're already wondering about our favorite gang. We were so excited to gain another girl character with Max, but the big mystery is whether Eleven's soul-sister is going to make a reappearance.


Starbuck's Unicorn Frappuccino

Starbucks really went above and beyond this year with their specialty frapps, but we have to admit that the biggest obsession of them all was over the Unicorn Frappuccino. The beautiful colors plus our preexisting obsession with all things unicorn, blended together to make the perfect and totally IG-worthy drink.


Rose Gold Everything

Rose gold was the it shade of the year. From Minnie Mouse ears to beauty products and all of the accessories in between. What can be better than a single shade that combines our two favorite colors—pink and gold?


Oreo's Mystery Flavor

Oreo is a master of concocting interesting flavors specific to holidays and adventurous eaters alike. While many new limited edition flavors hit the shelves this year, we were most obsessed with the mystery flavor that tempted our taste buds through the months. With the recent reveal of Fruity Pebbles as the Oreo Mystery flavor, we have to say the detective work didn't disappoint. Fruit and chocolate has always been a winning combo.


Wonder Woman

Whether or not she was your favorite superhero before, she is now. Wonder Woman took over the hero world this year and we can't say that we mind. Actress Gal Gadot seamlessly embodied the brave, strong and justice-serving character that we've come to know and love from the comics. We were so obsessed this year that this super-suit was one of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2017.

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Beauty and the Beast

Disney isn't showing any signs of stopping when it comes to live-action remakes of classic animated movies. While we anxiously (and not so patiently) await the release of upcoming films such as Aladdin and Mulan, it's no contest that Beauty and the Beast took first in our hearts this year. Emma Watson was perfect as Belle and, movie aside, we got some super sweet accessories based on the tale as old as time this year.


The Losers Club

Whether or not you braved the theaters to see the remake of Stephen King's story of the creepy clown, It, you definitely know who the Losers Club is, and you're definitely obsessed. Just like the Hawkins kids, this gang of uncool misfits proved to be much stronger than they initially appeared. Plus, each and every one of them is amazing in their own unique way. We love Bev and have to admit that she may have brought the pixie cut back.

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Kylie Jenner

When isn'Kylie in the headlines? From her makeup line to her personal style to her spin-off reality show to her baby bump rumors, this socialite has been all over our social media this year. While reality shows come and go, Life of Kylie was a big hit with us this summer.

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13 Reasons Why

Next to Stranger Things 2, Netflix's most bingable show this year was the mixed-tape tale of Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why. This book-to-TV show seriously pulled at our heartstrings and spoke some very real truth on teenage struggles. If there's one thing we learned from this obsession, it was to always speak up when you see something.

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Snapchat's Dancing Hot Dog

If you ever thought to yourself, "What could make this Snap even better?" the genius minds over at the app headquarters brought you the Dancing Hot Dog filter. Complete with mustard and headphones, this little guy graced the streets both virtually and literally this year. Yep, you probably saw quite a few trick-or-treaters dressed as this dancing dog.

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