The Top Lies People Tell You About Prom

In any good teen movie, prom is a quintessential marker of the end of high school.

It's a time when your whole class comes together for one magical night, where the dress code is vastly different from the typical casual vibes of school. Given how movies and TV shows (and hey, maybe even your older siblings or friends) can make prom seem like a hugedeal, it's easy to get caught up in all of it, from shopping for suits and dresses to finding a post-prom plan.

Yet while prom is definitely an exciting event—and you may very well remember it forever!—expectations don't always match up with reality. In order to help you have the best time possible during your own dance, here are some lies people tell about prom so you can fully mitigate your expectations.

Your Dress Or Outfit Has To Be Completely And Utterly Unique

Here's the truth: There are only so many prom-appropriate dresses and suits available in stores every year, and hundreds, if not thousands, of students are shopping at the same shops for pretty much the same thing. While you probably don't want to rock the same exact dress as, say, six of your closest friends, it's okay if you're in the same gown as someone else at the prom. If your school is big enough, it's likely inevitable. This is not a reason to cry in the bathroom the night of, but it isa cute reason to take a selfie with the girl from math class who had just as excellent taste in strapless gowns.


You Need To Go With Someone You're Romantically Involved With

So many people bring friends as their dates to prom, and honestly? Sometimes, it can work out better than if you brought someone you were sort of, kind of seeing. (Way less drama!) Word to the wise, though: If you bring someone as your date from another school who doesn't know many people, don't forget to keep them looped in with the fun. If you're not down for that, it's better to just roll up with a crew of friends instead of a formal date.


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It Will Be The Best Day Of Your High School Life

Err, maybe? Prom is certainly a unique experience, and for many people, it's super fun to get dressed up and dance into the wee hours of the night with your friends. Yet all that expectation can inevitably lead to disappointment, especiallyif you've never really been much for large dance parties to begin with. If you find yourself not enjoying prom—or at least, not as much as a weekend away with your soccer team, or the post-show hang out with your theater friends—you're definitely not alone. You can appreciate prom for what it is, without needing it to be a peak moment of your life. There will be more epic highs post-prom!


Everyone Is Doing Something Amazing After Prom

"After prom weekend" was a big thing in my high school, and it seemed like everyone had some epic plan in place. Of course, that wasn't true—it's just that the people who did put something in motion loved to talk about it. When I went to college, I realized that it wasn't actually a universal rule that you had to spend the post-prom weekend away, either—different schools had different traditions, like a post-prom carnival or big post-prom brunch. While it's easy to get caught up in doing the same thing as everyone else in your school, it's worth remembering that it's better to pick something you want to do after prom, and not feel confined by what you think other people are expecting.


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Everyone In Your School Will Burst Out Into the Same, Perfectly Coordinated Dance Number

Tragically, unless you went to East High, probably not. One can hope, though.


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