We’re a few months into 2023 now, and TikTok has already blessed our feeds (and our lives) with tons of trends that we can’t wait to try for ourselves.

From fashion to hair to manifestation techniques, trends are popping up left and right for every topic out there—especially when it comes to food. In case you’ve somehow missed these on your FYP or just need a recap on all the biggest ones since the start of the year, here’s a list of the biggest TikTok food trends of 2023 (so far):

Tinned Fish

While it may sound less than appetizing at first, trust us when we say that tinned fish is having a moment in 2023. Forget your regular old can of tuna, too, as this trend includes tons of preserved seafood like octopus, squid and other unusual ingredients that are preserved with sauces and herbs for an extra punch of flavor. Oddly enough, we really saw this trend take over around Valentine’s Day, as tons of couples out there are embracing canned fish nights for date night.

@daywithmei Tinned Fish Talk Ep. 2 – La Narval Mussels in Escabeche 9/10 These would be perfect at cocktail hour or as late-night drunchies. At $7 a pop these are on the more affordable end of the spectrum for tinned mussels. This tin came with 15 mussels in a punchy acidic sauce that matches up to the bright, bold graphics on the box. The addition of bay leaves and garlic give this tin a distinctly savory character but mild in comparison to other tins of mussels I’ve had. Note that the mussels are not spicy despite the color, it’s just paprika. A caveat that I docked points for is the texture was a little mealy or chalky, but definitely worth repurchasing at the price point. #tinfishdatenight #tinfish #tinnedfish ♬ As It Was – PREP

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Turning Up the Heat

We all have a taste for spice in 2023, and TikTok is evidence of that. More and more recipes feature an extra kick of peppery goodness, and that includes both savory and sweet concoctions. We aren’t just talking about adding a dash of hot sauce, either, as we’re talking real cooking with international peppers and spices that we’ve not really come across much before.

@callmecandace.tv How to make DIY paprika! Its giving crushed red pepper lol but let me know what seasoning you wanna see next! #foodie #trendingrecipe #foodtiktok #spicecabinetorganziation #fromscratch #diy #paprika #dehydratorrecipe ♬ Bag Lady – Cheeba Sac Instrumental – Erykah Badu


Frozen Yogurt Bark

Healthy snacks are in for 2023, and this dessert-like creation is evidence of that. It’s easy to make and fully customizable, and since it only requires a few ingredients, it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the biggest TikTok food trends of the year so far for health-conscious creators and scrollers alike.

@fayes.edit I’m trying to eat a healthier balance diet and I find this frozen yogurt bark helps when I’ve sweet cravings, I keep a box of it in my freezer #healthysnacks #healthysnackrecipe #snackrecipe #fyp #easyrecipesathome #easysnackideas #easysnacks #snackidea #dessertrecipe ♬ Golden Hour: Piano Version – Andy Morris


Million Dollar Spaghetti

On the not-quite-as-healthy side of the spectrum (but just as if not more so delicious) is million dollar spaghetti, a recipe that we’ve been seeing variations of since the latter months of 2022. It’s another recipe that’s beloved by lazy cooks everywhere, as it requires you to simply boil some spaghetti before putting it in a baking tray with béchamel sauce, tomato sauce and cheese, then baking the whole thing until golden.

@simplydiffrent_ The million dollar spaghetti✨ MUST TRY! recipe down below👇🏽 * The red sauce I started by browning the meat added chopped onion, chopped green pepper and 1 tsp minced garlic, sautéed for few minutes than added 1 tsp dried parsley, 1 tsp smoked paprika, 1 tsp black pepper, 1 tsp chilli flakes and 2 tsp all purpose seasoning OR salt than sautéed for 1-2 mins. Added the 1 jar pasta sauce, 1 tsp sugar and 1/2 cup of water then let it simmer till sauce thickens. * The pasta I cooked 400g spaghetti till al dente, about 2-3 less than package instructions (it will finish cooking in the oven) * The Alfredo sauce Melted the 2 tbsp butter added 500ml double cream, 1 tsp dried parsley, 1 tsp chilli flakes, 1 tsp black pepper and 1 tsp all purpose seasoning OR salt let it simmer till sauce thicken. Mixed in parmesan cheese till smooth and creamy than mixed the cooked pasta in the sauce. * To assemble In a oven safe dish i’ve layered the pasta than red sauce repeated the process to the top of the dish than sprinkled grated cheddar and mozzarella on top, put it in the oven for about 10-15 minutes till cheese was golden brown. #viraltiktokspaghetti #tiktokpasta #baasto ♬ original sound – forgotten00s


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Vegan ‘Eggs’

Plant-based trends aren’t going anywhere in 2023, and vegans everywhere are rejoicing. While we’ve seen plenty of meatless recipes and replacements across our feeds in the past, vegan eggs are somewhat newer to the realm. There are actual vegan egg products you can buy (such as JUST Egg and others that come in a carton), but “tofu scramble” recipes that use healthy turmeric for color are also popular with both meat-eaters and plant-based individuals alike.

@frommybowl The BEST Tofu Scramble 😌💛 #vegan #plantbased #tofu ♬ Wave – Salmaun Hossain


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