Bike Riding Dog Goes For A Ride!

In the latest Video Pick Of the Week from Sweety High, a dog known as Norman the Scooter Dog shows off his cycling skills!Bike Riding Dog Norman Scooter

The wooly French sheepdog hops aboard a bicycle, outfitted with training wheels, and deftly pedals down the road. When he gets to the other side, his owner welcomes him with open arms!

Norman seems to love the whole process. He even has his name embellished on the bike!

But he's not just known for his bike-riding antics. He's known as a "Scooter Dog" because, in July of 2013, he earned a Guinness World Record by riding a kick scooter 30 meters in under 30 seconds!

Now 5 years old, Norman just keeps adding tricks to his resume. He can also skateboard and do a number of other tricks, and has appeared on Good Morning America, Anderson Live and more!

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