The 5 Best Music Covers Sung by Billie Eilish

We first fell in love with Billie Eilish when we heard "Ocean Eyes."

Her voice and lyrics are so unique—how could you not love her? Billie's latest album was a total hit, complete with songs written by both her and her brother. But did you know she's covered other artists, too? Her covers are crazy good and you need to hear them immediately.

Keep scrolling for the five best covers by Billie Eilish (in no particular order)—and prepare to be blown away.


1. 'Hotline Bling' by Drake

Wow. Just wow. Who knew "Hotline Bling" could be turned into something as magical as this? We're willing to bet Drake loved hearing this cover. There's no doubt.


2. 'Bad' by Michael Jackson

This is arguably one of the most incredible covers we've ever heard (from Billie or otherwise). The duo of Billie and her talented brother Finneas is truly magical.


3. 'Telegraph Ave' by Childish Gambino

We love us some Donald Glover, and when you throw in Billie to the mix? It's a total game changer. She brings the song to new levels we never knew we needed.


4. 'The End of the World' by Rob Dickinson

When a song is as haunting as this, you'd think it wouldn't be beautiful. But it is. It's bone-chilling and melodious—especially when Finneas joins in.


5. 'You Don't Get Me High Anymore' by Phantogram

Those high notes, though! We're seriously in awe after listening to Billie absolutely crush this rendition. She executed it beautifully and we can't wait for her to drop more covers.


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