How THIS Razor Saved Me $ and Eased My Shaving Routine

As if shaving half of you body hair isn't annoying enough, it's even more frustrating for us females because our razors always tend to be priced significantly higher than those marketed to our male counterparts.

Known as "pink tax," many female-targeted products in the beauty and fashion space are up-charged to women because brands know that we will pay more for what we want. Razors commonly fall into this category–the pink Venus razor for women costs $12, whereas the men's Gillette razor costs only $10 and comes with an additional blade. Not cool, right?

That's where Billie comes in, a direct-to-consumer business model for women's razors that delivers straight to your door and offers fair, "pink tax"-free prices. The Billie starter kit retails for $9 and comes with a razor in either coral, blush or blue, two five-blade razors coated with aloe vera for an irritation-free shave, and a little magnetic holder to stick into your shower and hold your Billie in place.

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What's even better is you get to customize your additional razor deliveries based on how often you shave. If you shave everyday, you will go through a blade a week, whereas if you're like me and are relatively hairless (well hairless until I'm not—I grow hair like a bear overnight after like six days of not shaving, it's quite odd) and shave weekly you'll only go through a blade a month. Each additional razor blade delivery comes with four and costs just $9, which is way more affordable then the almost $20 Venus charges for the very same thing.

I selected my Billie in a soft coral hue and it looks so calm and pretty resting on its magnet in my shower. Is anyone else sort of offended that everything for females is always coated in some obnoxiously pink shade? I also love how smooth the shave is. Each razor is completely surrounded by aloe vera soap which makes for a super sleek shave and even allows me to skip out on shaving cream. But if you do like using shaving cream, Billie also makes a line of natural, toxin-free products that you can also add to your delivery.

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Purchasing the Billie razor has been a game changer for me. I never run out of razors and also don't cringe when I see my bill. So take my word for it and order yourself a Billie ASAP.


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