Are Billini Shoes Really Worth the Hype? We Tested Them Out

When it comes to shoes, I'll admit, I might have a problem.

As a woman who loves all things fashion and beauty, how could I not? It's quite hard to resist purchasing my 15th pair of boots when there are always new and stunning styles being released. Since I'm a snob (half-kidding) when it comes to shoes, I'd consider myself a pretty trustworthy source about what's worth it and what's not.

The brand Billini has been on my radar for quite some time, and I just recently got the opportunity to test them out for myself. Keep reading to find out if they're really worth the hype (hint—they totally are.)

The Brand

Billini is an Australian shoe brand that's been around since 2009. Their tough-to-beat price points make it easy for girls of all ages to get their hands on products, not to mention the high-end look of the shoes themselves. From sandals to heels to boots—you name it, they've got it.

Fashionistas from all over the world flock to this brand because of the quality and stunning designs being offered. Each season they come up with new shoes that are equally as impressive as the last.


The Shoes

Billini Urson White: $115

Right when I took these bad boys out of the box, I knew I was in for a treat. The color of the boots is definitely thought of as a more spring/summer shoe, but the fact that they're knee-high and cowboy-style makes them a year-round option, in my opinion. These western boots have an almond toe shape, giving your legs an elongated and flattering shape.


(via Billini)

I was so excited to put these on, and I decided that a Friday date night with my boyfriend was the perfect first opportunity to rock them. I paired them with a white boyfriend-style button-up dress, and let me tell you, I was getting compliments on the boots left and right. They hit perfectly below the knee, the stitching is stunning and they're so easy to style.



Billini Bonnie Black Suede: $95

The Bonnie boots are absolutely perfect for the fall season. I'm all about wearing black (legit most of my closet is this color) so I knew I'd be able to get a lot of use out of these. Featuring a trendy, removable gold chain and suede material, these can be dressed up or down for any occasion.


(via Billini)

Since I'very much into gold, I decided to keep the chain in place, after all, it makes the boot! I paired them with a polka dot dress I ordered not too long ago from Pretty Little Thing, and the end result was everything I'd hoped for. The daintiness and girly factor of the dress paired with the harsh lines and bold color of the boots made for a fun combo.



Bottom Line

I'm obsessed with Billini—plain and simple. Not only are their shoes high-quality and listed at a reasonable price, but they're comfy, too! My feet didn't hurt at all, even though I walked a lot.

If you're on the market to add some shoes to your closet, I can't recommend Billini enough. They're definitely my new go-to destination for all things shoes.


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