Truths You'll Only Understand If You Binge Watch Everything

Does anyone even watch TV one episode at a time anymore?

Binge-watching is the new normal, and some of us have gotten really good at it. If you consider yourself one of us, keep reading to see if you totally relate to these things.

1. You're an established "binge racer," watching entire seasons—or even shows—in a single 24-hour period.

2. You've become a math wiz, precisely calculating the number of episodes you'll be able to watch before your next commitment.

3. The moment an episode goes past your bedtime, you push it by an hour rather than doing the rational thing and going to bed when the episode ends.

4. You no longer believe in keeping up with a show week by week. You'd rather wait for the entire season to wrap up so you can watch all 13 episodes in one glorious marathon.

5. You firmly maintain that marathons are for binging, not running.

Gravity Falls Family Watching TV

(Gravity Falls via Disney Television Animation)

6. You've canceled real-world plans on numerous occasions because they infringed on your Netflix time.

7. Nothing is more insulting to your honor than when Netflix asks, "Are you still watching?"

8. You've gotten binge-watch snack prep to a science, preparing non-perishable goodies that'll last your entire session. You also avoid foods that are too crunchy, as they may affect your listening abilities.

9. You know "just one more episode" is always a lie, but you say it to yourself every time.

10. You've convinced yourself that binge-watching a show is the only way to watch it, because shoving all of that information into your head at once is the best way to digest and understand it all without forgetting anything.

11. Those "previously on…" intros at the beginning of episodes are another offense to your pride, and you skip them as often as possible. Obviously, you know what happened because you just watched it.

12. There's usually a nagging voice in the back of your head telling you to do something important, but you ignore it until you've watched all the episodes.

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